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First week inside the green colored building!

If you think I am writing about a mental hospital U r partly right , but the exact location is my school which looks extra scary to the 10th standards!! The board has scraped the board examinations and have introduced CCE which is even more scary and for unlucky people like me who are planning to change schools boards are compulsory! So , I gotta cope up with both the examinations and CCE :( !!!! So, I took the extra flight of stairs (a unlucky bonus of going to 10th) graciously and reached my classroom...............
MAN!! It wasn't fun. Every first day of school everyone will have the funny tension of shuffling where we wait to see which friends are in our class and out....but this year we had the same class as we were in 10th.It was pretty boring and a the great SHOCK! I had the same teacher! I had expected new ones whom I could I had NO chance of getting any grades in the discipline!!!! She would think of me as the same naughty and talkative girl from the 9th!!!…

My summer with books!

I am in the tail end of my summer holidays which have been dominated by my only worthwhile hobby -'BOOKS'.I would like to thank murugan lending library for the vast collection of library they have. I am gonna share views on the books I have read , they vary from natural chetan bhagat to the epitome of suspense Jeffrey Deaver to the easy going James Hadley chase and various other books.I am going to categorize it into various categories to make it simpler.

INDIAN AUTHORS I am a crazy fan of chetan bhagat....His writings are very contemporary and fresh.I read his '2 states' and 'one night at the call center' this summer.....Like his other two books these books are about the 'youth' of the contemporary India.'2 states' is about two young lovers Krish and ananya who are from two different states Punjab and Tamilnadu.How they fall in love,convince their shocked parents and finally marry after a mini breakup is the book's content.Written in typical …