Saturday, August 28, 2010

No time to breath...............!

I start by saying that I do NOT have breathing problem. :P AND I know yoga very well and I am too fit and healthy.However,all these seemed to be threatened by the single introduction of C.C.E. I do accept that childhood is for studying but not for SLOGGING. The following post goes on with the same views and its just a PERCEPTION.Hope you understand English.

How does a class 10 average  student's life go about? Wake up , do the assignments with your maximum dexterity (pending ones obviously)  ,  rush to have a bath before your stupid brother/sister (younger ones mostly) who don't understand your urgency and fight for the bathroom. While having the bath revise your trigonometric identities or chemical identities , go to your bedroom to fit into your uniform , find that it is missing / torn /  your senseless friend's handwriting on it / not ironed , getting panicked screaming at your mom and getting  some back and finally put it on......By the time you would have forgotten what you had studied for the test. So, eat and read at the same time , grab your lunch bag and jump into the car / rush in your cycle / run for your van.
Reach school , write the still pending notes till the assembly bell rings , bear the assembly and the heat , the boring partner jabbering away next to you. Then , go back to class where you got to listen to the teacher's physics lecture and  at the same time finish your chemistry classwork underneath the desk and chat with your friend :P
Test period!! where you gotta remind yourself of the various things you studied , sincerely and co operatively at the same time! Stop yourself from distractions like the teacher sudden talkative mood (only during a test! :O) , your partner poking you constantly for "you know what" and the Noise pollution from the P.T ground and your neighboring classes (who love taking revenge ;) )
Next period itself ,you lose the purpose of coming to school and start sleeping with the great help of your teacher's droning voice! the Period after that will surely be the one where you would have to submit your assignment. You will surely have forgotten about it and curse yourself for sleeping the previous period............ then beg your teacher for extra time, alas! you will have another assignment sheet for completion and "some in text questions" to complete.
Before you have the time to memorize this,ANOTHER teacher walks in apologetically and gives you a "creative" assignment , such as debate/ skit / speech and whatever els that would require preparation....the group activities are the WORST , you gotta make everyone ASSEMBLE , then patiently take their views , form a plan , execute it and revise it! It almost takes 1- 1.5 hr which is impossible to allocate with all the tuition classes, extra classes to complete portions , dramatic workshops and SPOKEN Sanskrit classes!
It's not over yet my friend! The all important test notes arrive!!! You go though the difficulty of opening it without anyone watching, either jump. shout . brag the mark you got!, Or go to your place hide your face and force yourself to feel depressed or WORSE goto your crying friend and console her.
After all this over deal , go home sit on Facebook share your mood , call and torture a friend about the various to Do's for the week.....most likely the next day. Sometimes you even bug them by for a xerox or even beg them for them to do your confusing math lab activity!
You are almost brain dead when you start studying for the next day's test , somehow you study , doze off ,wake up again and CONCENTRATE. You finally goto sleep after catching a glimpse off the last minute of master chef when you remember that you forgot to BRUSH your  teeth! Unhappily you close your eyelids....
Again you wake up and do your ever pending assignments with maximum dexterity....................PHEW!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

When Opposites ATTRACT!!!!

She : Hey! Sup?
It's always me - the culprit!
Me : hi... nothing much.. life sux!
she: why the hell r u so PESSIMISTIC? what's wrong with u , semi?
Me : YOU! you never spend time with me, You don't even sit with me! I consider you as my best friend for life and you think I am just another one!
She : Shut up semi! stop blabbering! It's just that you sit in the last bench and I can't study from there....You are always invited in the front! 
a long pause
Me: Will you make my time worthwhile by talking? 
She:............... Not during the class but surely during the break and lunch!
me: Eh?
She: OK......the time gaps when a teacher leaves and the other enters!
Me:  (frustrated) Get lost you bitch!
She: Semi!!!!! never again speak with me again in my life! Get lost! Friendship over!
( she walks away)
me: Please! please! I'm sorry,sorry sorry <3 <3 
after many periods
she: OK semi! Never again do this in your life OK?
me: Sure!!!!
Hey everybody! This is how relationships travel when opposites attract! At least in my case! My bestie loves mathematics and uses algebraic brackets ( I'm allergic of them) even in chat conversations and I hate that! As you can see that she is a goody goody girl and I'm the rudest and meanest when I am irritated...So it always tends to be like this........
What do I like so much to put up with SO many differences? Her sweetness, intelligence , nature hell! everything. Actually I didn't immediately bond with her (she also knows) but once I knew her its like impossible to fight with her :))
She is the epitome of tolerance as only my best of friends know how rude and demanding I am....What amazes me ,is that how she takes all the shit I give her with a straight face and always tries avoiding a quarrel. I like surprising my friends every now and then , some are sweet and some are NOT. For the friendship day , I tried to SURPRISE her by fighting with her and not talking with her.
I'm such an idiot!
The problem was I didn't find a proper reason to fight with and so never told her one! I tortured her by doing silly things like passing notes which said "our relationship is over, never again talk with me" and setup a mini drama by asking my friends to lie that I talked badly about her and all other lame stuff.
My sweet friend never bothered with all this was only amused why I was behaving so stupidly and constantly avoiding her. She always tried to talk to me and and never once hated me...I lost the battle.
What was more awkward was that I got the friendship day date WRONG and my plan flunked badly. I couldn't resist it anymore and after a week I shamefacedly accepted my dear babe accepted all my apologies with a laugh!
Who will be like this? Surely ONLY her. I have found a gem of a friend and I rarely appreciate instead torture her with rude remarks, this is a big "sorry" for her for everything!
Why will such an idiot like me accept all this publicly? Because....I'm leaving school surely this year and surely gonna irritate her forever......She still doesn't believe this which is really good. "I'm so sorry  my best friend for life". Opposite forces attract like nothing else! Whatever happens I will always be with you directly or indirectly!

with evergreen love

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Crowded bus < such a PISS>

On celebrating madras day, everyone sees the positives of Chennai! <3 <3 I also was so excited about it! But அருள்மிகு வெம்புலி அம்மன்   changed my day for the worse and my biased perception that Chennai was the BEST with nothing as a major concern (GOD! I am so biased) changed dramatically.........not exactly DRAMATIC but surely it was a litmus test.
OK! oof. It started like this..........I was waiting for about 15 mins (5 more than usual) for my bus to arrive and carry me to my tuition. Generally it takes about half an hour to reach my class and I somehow have the luck to get a seat to sit on and the bus is mostly Deluxe. However everything was vertically opposite of my routine! The bus was the normal I had the Beware! mindset as I knew there would be crowd.The seat which should have been MINE , ie, which was free when I bought the ticket and taken over exactly when I made a move to sit on it! Then this unpleasant, over shrewd ,sharp tongued lady with her two kids had a fight with the bus driver and questioned his ability to drive a bus. That damned man got all his fuses blown , stopped the bus and started arguing with her.....precious 10 mins gone!
5 precious  mins which could have stopped us getting caught from the Traffic Jam. The longest and the most uncomfortable jam of my life! I will explain my exact position before you come to the conclusion that I am a the high class peter who lives in AC all the time.I was standing in a bus where there was no place to stand with two fat ladies (shorter than me!) ,directly in front of me was the window...don't relax! It was CLOSED and I do pity the small girl sitting next to that window asking her mom when KK nagar bus stand would come ( 2 stops AFTER seat for me then!) There was this lady next to me who wouldn't pass the tickets and other one behind me who would love to pass it to me! 
We came near Saidapet , the bus started slowing down exactly near the stinking polluted koovam river and the sorrowful huts. From there to the next road it took 13 mins 28 seconds and  crossing C I T nagar took us about half an hour! I was supposed to be in my class at 1:30 PM but I ended up there at 2:15 PM! Pitiful! all because of a fact I learnt in my return trip , that the whole of Chennai was in this traffic turmoil because of this 'thiruvizha' or festival. One crore people were stuck to their seats because the Amman had to use the roads! From when has gods started obstructing us humans?? Actually it is from the times when god was worshipped! What I am getting to is that following your god is not at all wrong ,it is actually very helpful to have faith but it is should be individual. My case is rather lame because my tuition teacher is really kind and actually gave me an extra cup of coffee to soothe me! What if I had a demon of a tutor who would have sent me back home for coming late??!! No loss to you people but for me it is a very huge one, considering that I come only once a week, that too for 1.5 hrs and skip a week for leisure too! 
Lets look at in a broader way! Think about the people who had to go to kannamapettai to see the burial of their dear ones! The ones who had to rush to some emergencies like tiny tots who were all alone and had the potential to ruin the house in a moment's thought  or a more serious case of medical injury? Already the buses are very fast( I'm sarcastic) and what with all these stupid jams affecting their speed!
After finishing my tuition after which I was literally brain dead I boarded the bus in hope of a better trip back home. The bus was deluxe  but it was more crowded than the ordinary one!Remembering my grandmother's words I got a ticket to the midway point (saidapet) in the hope of catching an empty bus back home! Alas! as The Vembuli Amman as the final say in everything I seem to be doing she decided to halt my bus again. I had to endure the tortures of waiting, coping up with angry & apologetic faces at the same time and the tall girl's stinking armpit too!Finally the bus reached saidapet....I was too drained to wait for ANOTHER bus ,so waited in the same bus. Fortunately as many people got down in saidapet I got a seat to sit on....Unfortunately the conductor was in a sourer  mood than me and the thought of me getting another ticket to renew my trip didn't appeal him ( maybe as I was ABOUT to switch buses?) and he charged me a rather costly ticket. Finally I reached my stop and got down.
The following post was only the pains when gods start using the roads........what about politicians? They are WORSE! At least the god comes once a year ......these politicians......  OMG! Cyaz later!

Saturday, August 7, 2010


The title is the theme song of radio city!! It is true! 100% I may be somewhat biased as I love radio city for no apparent reason. It all started one evening when my mom to make studies more interesting asked me to keep the radio on ( volume low) and study.
I did it and fell in love with radio city he moment I started listening! I am generally talking about the evening show from 6:00 to 9:30! When I first heard it....Ananda kannan was the RJ. As he was a television host too, I could relate more with his voice. He used to bring 'gomathi akka' to ask riddles it used to be funny and thoughtful.
Then suddenly like a flash of lightning GOPIDA entered the radio world and he conquered it with his energy , affability and voice! His shows are soooo varied every hour! Starting with ' wrong number' where he would play prank call on innocent people :P to the innovative concept of 'top 8' everything rocks in his show! His humor quotient improved so rapidly and the prank call where he scares a poor man by telling that the paneer and tomatoes in his fridge contained bomb leaves anyone in splits!Sadly, he has changed to morning show as kanmani ( another awesome RJ) left. But I wont leave him so easily :D ,I follow all his morning shows whenever possible.
Instead of gopida there is Hasini who I suspect was the gomathi akka who came in radio city.I found it difficult to adjust to her as no one can replace gopida! But hasini shows are turning out to be good and very interesting and shaping up really well. She starts with city bus where gopida travels to a place and  she describes the place ( inside chennai obviously) , next hour goes to kollywood gossips , sms contests and the new story of PEEPIDA who I suspect is gopida talking in a nasal voice. The interactions between the RJ's , their flow and most importantly their humor quotient is awesome. The next hour is again top 8 but unlike gopida's contests these top 8's topics are very diverse, interesting and has latest songs!
After hasini comes the highly acclaimed love guru who mellows us with his sober voice. His content is very good and the songs are romantic and prepare you for a peaceful night.The other RJ's are varadhu during sundays ( classfields) , meow vidhu (afternoons).
The references to 'producer priya' makes you smile and the listeners will surely fell at home in radio city. There are few glitches here and and there with technical problem but the RJ's cover it up really well and that matters alot.
All said about the RJ's the music is what which makes you turn on the radio and Radio city provides you the best of it from past, present and future in the right mix which resists you from changing channels!
(not to forget CUPPI who sings mokka songs and GOPIDA again)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The fan

She was found jumping when the news reached her ears. Her friends doubted whether she was a lesbo.After all the director was a female! :O "I know her! I know her , she's my role model!"  "what?? my role model is prathiba patil =O ! Other have kalam, rahman or tendulkar as their role model....but you have a unknown school alumni as your role model??" said panku her irritating friend. "point no .1 she is NOT unknown she is a great friend for everyone!!!!! point no.2 A role model is just a person who's qualities you ADAPT in life. I don't find anything wrong with that. After all  she's such a sweet person who's so happy and any one will like easily! she's not like you rude and crude. point no.3 did you brush your teeth??"
Panku got shocked at the sweetest person in class awardee (5 years) to be so aggressive and angry so she decided to shut her trap.........until the day the director came.It was all right for the first and the second session. It was the third session........only 12 had turned out of 30 (which by itself was an achievement for a  third session ) Panku and she were sitting in the circle , panku reading her script and she was still in "awe".....
Everyone were quiet , so quiet that the principal would have been proud of them. She thought that the director
was in a bad mood but it only got worse . More unpleasantness, rudeness and screaming. There were lighter moments and the way she brought out the work was AMAZING but she  didnt care about those things. What happened to her sweet role model  who had made her learn how to smile at everyone ,be pleasant  and make everyone happy? She was shocked by the reality. She had depression , everyone were worried about her.
Then she finally decided to quit the production. The director screamed at her for doing it but she said about studying and blah blah blah.
She still adored her director but refused to see her from a different perception , she wanted to be friends with her. She still couldn't open her mouth properly in front of her!
Finally while leaving she asked for the director's facebook id........