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Fearing a future without YOU.....

My mentor is leaving me next Friday. This is the message, I have been trying to convey this for the past 6 hrs but have done it with no success.Maybe because I can still cannot believe the fact......I will not believe it till the last second....Why does my life get always stuck in such turmoils? WHY?

Maybe because everything was too sweet , like the Utopian concept she explained during nationalism in will have to move on , I understand....but why is she going NOW? Leaving me just before my final step- the final examination after which I will move on to another school! I am maybe too selfish but so are the hundreds of students who are studying under her and so are the thousand who studied under her.

It was so good! From last year I haven't put one foot wrong, because of the path she carved for me. When I got the highest mark this semester I could only feel the gratitude.....I didn't even tell her a proper thank you. I can clearly remember the envy of the other sec…

A psychopath's - Diary entry


I am confused.Really. I want to fight with her, but not ignore her! I also feel guilty about what I'm doing ,but I can't stop it! I am just blaming myself for what I am doing, I even know the solution but I'm not doing it, WHY? Why? WHY??? 
   I think it is my(self)ego. I don't want things to go smoothly...."a sailor sails best when his ship is sinking" , I need pressure .I don't like my parents,friends who are always nice with me! I want the world to be BAD,so that I am good!
" I DONT LIKE ANYONE ON EARTH!" I can't be equal to anyone! Man, I can't put myself inside a single category! Am I not BAD? I am confused. Really.

I was going through a pile of old stuff when I noticed an A4 sheet full of words....I decided to take a closer look and got this stuff! I am not telling who has written it as I don't know who really wrote it [ ;) ] ........I was shocked at the writer's lack of optimism , arrogance and that attitude! O…

Reality check.......

I still remember the day when I was randomly watching TV during the holidays after my exam.I was so bored that I was watching the tamil serials with my grandmom!That was when I accidentally stumbled on this show on Star Vijay a tamil channel(good one), called as kadai alla nijam ( which means the truth, not a story). There was this young man sitting with his mother and talking about his life.Me interested in knowing about other people's life innocently starts watching the show as my grandmother prepares herself for her afternoon siesta. He then starts talking about his love life.Like any other guy , he falls in love with a girl.Her name is mathura ( or is it zathura?) Her parents don't agree with this , things get ugly and goes to the police station.The girl and the boy are sure of their love for each other and the boy's mum is rationale but the girl's side are too primitive and start threatening her! The boy turns hero asks the girls parents to mind their own business,b…