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In the recent past ,ie, the past few weeks I have had a few outings with varied sets of people and had fun in many un expected ways! This encounter with humanity has proved to me that I have become more mature , polite (!) and responsible - at least for the first half hour of the outing. I thought that the silent shell which was once covering the real me had been shed a long time back - 3rd standard precisely . However I found it returning over me in these outings - at most I have become normal again - normal people are rather shy to strangers =D

First outing 
April 21
Thursday (although all days are the same in the holidays!)

I was sleeping with conscious effort -(which means I was faking it ), because I didn't want to go - anyplace my grandmother was interested would have 10 temples and another 100 relatives in its NEAR vicinity. Its seems we were going to Nanganallur for my uncle's ( please don't ask me to elaborate my exact relation with him ) new house's housewarming party - which is 'warm' because they have a huge fireplace in front of them and throw things to increase the flame and smoke!! That too in Chennai's present climate ( which is HOT to put it lightly) it didn't seem to be a very lucrative idea.
So I continued my struggle with sleep and conscious , if I had been more arrogant , obstinate or in short my usual self I would have missed an amazing day. Somehow , something , most likely my grandmother's continuous begging , screaming , in short, talking wore me down and I woke up at 6 AM , my first in many months , in fact in the whole time before that I didn't manage to get up before 10 (for 1 month!at least) 
I wore a white/cream salwar kameez , which was too cotton and simple to my grandmom's dismay , but she can't win everything you see. As I packed my life's essentials , like my Mp3 and Godfather book I was amazed to find a call taxi standing in front of my house. My grandparents were bus addicts and I was really looking forward to my bus ride alas! there it was - the cab to make us comfortable - so the ride was going to be not bad after all!
Then we Reached, that was when I got speechless. Maybe bored would sound more precise =P However I had my bro for company , he moaned before I could so I had to put the brave front. So we entered the new house , sadly I couldn't see much of it as it was too smoky to see anything , then before I could react someone shoved me inside to have breakfast - kindly note that the time was just 7 AM . I was served lovingly with a plate full of idlys and somehow I evaded pongal , only to be attacked by kesari.
Then my grandmother , smiling through her crooked teeth , asked me to go inside the AC room - where the air had been saved from the smoke. That is the place where I could finally open my eyes and of course               * breathe * . That was where I met Sneha.She was my relative it seems , again don't ask me how. One old aunty who has come to my house quite a few times came and introduced me as her grandkid from Bangalore who's seeing them all for the first time and she seemed happy to show her off.
She was worthy of it indeed - she was tall for 7 th standard ( my height =P ) , wore a grand masakali or some other designer kurta and had long , beautiful hair which she had plaited! =O  I then began to pity her - Me , who had the godfather book , brother , grandparents and 1 cousin accompanying me felt lost , what will a total stranger feel like?
I took a personal interest in her and tried to make her happy by interrogating her =P Point is I found something worthwhile to do , a new friend (no I wont call her a cousin) and the ability to be happy in my ever stretching family tree =)
Everything became happier , I became more talkative but talked sensibly and as Preethi , my tuition teacher's daughter ( who's also my relative) ," I have seen her for 2 years but am speaking with her and getting to know her only today! "
I can muster to say that I wouldn't exactly be unhappy if my grandmother kept a knife in my throat and ask me to attend a 'family function' , ie, provided that I have a smoke free environment and interesting beings to converse with.

Second Outing
April 22

This had a better hype to it. It was my cousin (first cousin) Nirav's b'day and we were all going to watch the 'ko' film! I was more happy for myself than for Nirav when I said 'happy b'day ' to him. All my cousins and nirav's first cousins had come for the party.
We were marveling how awesome his brand new PS3 was and waiting for the food to come from 'noodle king'. You would think where my new found humaness comes here - it is in relation with the food. After waiting for a substantial amount of time and after confirming that we could stand the hunger no MORE , we started walking down the stairs to goto some restaurant. If only the guy with the food hadn't come in the other direction - I would have never known that I was good in serving!
Seeing the food we obviously paid the bill and got the food out. However there was a problem , there were many vegetarians among the group and the food packets gave us no clue if it was veg or non veg. Also as it was chinese it tasted almost the same.
I could have shut up waited up for the food gobbled it and complained about it being veg or non veg but you see I was very hungry . I wanted to help my sweet aunt , I wasn't satisfied with the amount of food and type they were putting - it was either all veg or all non veg! I am afterall Semi!

My aunt was shooing all the kids from coming near the food but I withstood it. It was mayhem there in the dining table , the veg was indistinguishable with the non veg - People mistook lamb for babycorn and you know the consequences!I started serving food for everyone , I found it difficult to not touch the food of the other person! soon I started appreciating there hunger also.
I started serving noodles with my fingers ( I did wash it) , poured good measures of gobi manchurian without getting hungry and soon earned everyone's blessings and one particularly brainy uncle's suspicion....
Yes , I was being a good girl , serving food so well that if I had replicated it on the first outing my grandmom would have been insanely proud. I was being polite , not showing any sort of disgust towards touching food ( I used to have that problem) and behaving like and adult and eating in the end!
The last point disturbed my uncle , so I accepted my evilness to him. From serving everyone I knew what dishes were good - the veg balls were yummy while the chicken ones weren't . I had precautions that the chef had been heavy handed with chillies , I also had the advantage of having all the food items. I love variety and I could easily have at least 1 of every dish and actually my aunt was so happy with me that - she asked me to have ANY amounts I wanted and even stopped calling me malnourished for some time.
Later I saw ko which was kickass - although I missed Shruti =(  and even got to speak with the actress of that particular film - Karthika , who's performance I was drooling about!!

In a superstitious way , I would say that all the blessings amounted upon me made me have such a lovely time , In a practical way I learned the ropes for being good and intelligent at the same time in a moral of the story sort of way I learnt to reap benefits putting hardwork and brain to it!!

I also had another cool outing 3 with my mother's colleagues , the creators of my near future . However I will post it later as it was a very wide experience ( 3days) and I also want to combine it with the future outing I am gonna have with my father's colleagues .

Outing 1 - Father's Distant relatives
Outing 2 - Mom's near relatives
Both couldn't have been more different and less entertaining! =D


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

365 days

So here it is Finally - 365 days since I wrote my first blog post, heck! 365 days since I knew what a blog was!! and yet here I am celebrating my blog's first birthday and not its anniversary......I have a theory for it , anniversary eg. like marriage involves 2 people right? and a birthday means 1 person. So what this genius is getting at is that I don't feel the blog to be a different entity - I feel that it is a part of myself which has taken birth! Pah! =O So here it is 'Semi's stories and sharings.......' 's first birthday whatever.

I don't know if I have used the blog to its full potential - or my full potential yet. In many a cases I have restricted myself from writing things I found amusing to myself as I thought it wouldn't necessary to my readers , stopped myself from writing negative stuff at any cost and always aimed at delivering good stuff - I have never been careless even in 1 post - don't call this my arrogance or self praise but a fruit of my labor.

I remember that the first post I ever published about 'mafia wars' . I had no reason for writing it as my first post then , but then I never looked for a reason , but as days gathered I started enjoying every post and started having specific reasons and occasion for each post. Like my brother's blog I do not amass 10's and 20's of post every month but the point is that I do NOT strive for numbers - I am more satisfied with the current speed I am going in 3 or 5 a month so that my readers don't get coaxed with an overdose of my medicines - however sweet they maybe ( like zincovit)

Many people don't know that when this blog started it was named 'brainwaves unlimited' - again no reason why I kept it. Maybe because in the Enid Blyton book I read the hero always got 'brainwaves' and maybe I got a sudden brainwave to create that blog , the point is , I thought about the reason now only! Whatever it maybe my impulse to create this blog has been the most thoughtful and according to me the most positive and right decision of my life.

left - her right - me

Here I would like to reveal about someone ,who I have written about in bits and pieces all over. She is the biggest supporter/fan of my blog and as far as I am concerned her opinion = 100 other passers by 's opinion . She hates me because I never created a single post for her - don't ask me for reasons again =P but here it is - I owe my whole blog to her - Poornima Krishnan (aka) Poori (aka) my friend =)

Putting her aside , many others have showered unconditional support and love for my blog and made me inspired to write at times I wouldn't - after ALL - I was in 10th when I started to write the blog - the worst time for co curricular activities. Special mentions to Narayanan Mohan for his accented enthusiasms , Akshath's grudging admiratins , bhaskar's surprise motivation , Daksha's Clean commentary , Rithesh's frank demeanor , Diya's divine interventions , Varshini (aka) Sabari's awesome comments and I also thank Swetha and Tanushree for letting me call them and torture them to read my posts all the time =P I also thank Arjun Vignesh for letting me publish a post about him with SO much co operation ;)

If I forgot any of you it is yet another time for you guys to put up that poker face and accept my sorry as you alwys do =) ( I know that I forgot many eg.Emaya =P but I am too lazy and also have a train to catch)

When this post is out I would be someplace where I can't access the please leave the encouragements and blessings in the comments column of this blog , my fan page in facebook (semisharings.blogspot is its name) and the event on face book 'my blog's b'day' . Again I unveil my magic words - Please , thank you , sorry - for no apparent reason .
my 2 swords

I also have to tell that when I ran 'brainwaves unlimited' , I also started another blog by the name 'perceptions' - I didn't know why I did it! Many people liked it better then because it had a pink background (so unlike me =D )  , however I transferred all the content from perceptions into brainwaves and renamed it into semi's  stories and sharings.....- this time I had a reason! The no. of posts per month were very small in each blogs as I had to share my time between 2 blogs and not 1 , People started comparing perceptions and brainwaves and preferring 1 more than the other , I didn't like it that way as I thought both were equal! Also I wanted to ascertain my individuality by creating an identity for myself - through the blogs new name.

I want to say that the value of the audience is always under estimated by the audience itself. If we like a book for example we praise the author through fb or twitter , that praise is just an impulsive action for most of us and we tend to forget it easily , however the action itself leaves such an impact only the receiver can know and enjoy. This may sound selfish or even druggy  but I never lie in my blog - The major part of me writes this blog for the appreciation I would get after its publishing than the act of writing itself! You don't know what the 1 small 'nice' does to my heart! So please acknowledge.

This blog has also done things personally to me - which I would have never believed would happen when I clicked the create blog option a year back. Many family members - who I never mentioned this blog about read it circumstantially by themselves and now I am respected for it! In KFI , where I passed an interview ( I suck at speaking) I was questioned so much about my blog and internet and I owe my blog for getting me my dream seat!

I would also state that there is surely trillions more to come and this is not the end of me - at least in this beautiful space.I would say that I will surely evolve and re invent my blog with passing times - as blogger is already revealing revolutionary features which will surely excite the world!! I have always changed my fonts and backdrops and will continue doing it to maintain the freshness -  I also hope that my writing , understanding of what I need to show here improves and I will always solemnly state that everything in my blog is original as copied thoughts are just copied thoughts.

As I take my first step towards my blog's life I say bye 
As I take the last step put of my school I dont cry 
If all you gonna think is that I only sigh
You are wrong as I always TRY 
So put up ur hands up in the air and give me a high five !!!!

                                                                                    Yours Whole heartedly

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Love story - Part 3

Oh my god!! Dinky was so angry that I would have started crying  - Jappy
ah! I was SO scared.......that I almost peed in my pants - Sheila
I knew it! I shouldn't have tried to help her....! - Goodo
I should have never become friends with them :( - Dinky

Well that is how it ended after Dinky encountered her friends about their dismal try to hook her up with a guy.All she asked them was " why him?" Jappy answered that he was reliable, soft , pretty handsome , a nerd , someone who could put up with her (non)sense and was after all her childhood....friend.
She got the look mad animals give to one another before attacking....Jappy was frightened indeed.
SO the girls ended up going home without ice cream that night from elliots beach much to the ice cream shopkeepers amazement......

Dinky was beginning to start feeling the heat badly. The temperature was easily above 40c everyday and she was sick of wearing formals and going to the school. She was sick of being a puppet nodding her head for everything the lawyer/manager/teachers/HR said. They had everything so very well planned out! She couldn't help in anyway. Maximum she could say 'no' to check their reaction - which was very patient. They tried to explain everything to her and not challenge her! How more helpful can they be?

Now her jobless bunch of friends had reduced her respect and power even lower by coming to her school and begging one of her teachers to DATE her!! How more ridiculous can it get. She didn't need a guy now , she just needed a friend to pour all her problems to......and what will a guy think about her if she was always moaning about her problems? He would think her to be a desperate house wife =O and she just didn't want 1 more complication in her life now.

She then saw it - the problem. If a guy , who's normally not so self obsessed found her boring surely her self absorbed gals would surely find her BORING! yes , she got it she was boring....and bland...dull. She couldn't torture her friends - and herself more. She couldn't goto a counselor , she wasn't weak! She would manage this bad phase by HERSELF.

What was the solution then?
She was surely not needed down here , the school was perfectly the same with or without her.She needed a break from her queeen bees and she needed to add some color to her life like Goodo said. She decided that she would go for a vacation - and that she would fire Koushik , the science HOD from his job.
With this peaceful thought in mind she went to have her good night's sleep.

Koushik and Goodo phone conversation
cow : hey or dough?
goo: preferably dough
cow: OK , I am not here to ask the story of your name you attention maniac.I want to patch things up with Dinky.
goo: After 6 years .P face to you!
cow: goodo you know what happened between us?
cow: Then?! You don't know a damn thing about your 'best' friend except that she gets angry , depressed and is under a lot of pressure. You don't know her! I know her inside out
goo: Maybe that's why she can't remember you (sarcasm)
Cow: goo! even you know that she's acting , she is just scared and guilty
goo: Dinky?! (a long LOL later)
       Look here cow I don't give a dash about you , it is just that I have this instinct that you are the guy she NEEDS. Although when she was with you , no one noticed her! WE got her what she NEEDED. Now you are needed in her life - unfortunately. If there was any other guy who was remotely as close to her as you were I wouldn't even think about you. You are lucky and I still have this...gut feeling about you - and her - together
Cow: (relieved) Trust at least that.

Firing a cow

Dinky was a reasonable woman - even godfather was.World revolved around logic and reasons. To make reasoning important man created laws and to make laws he created the judicial system and so on. She needed a reason to fire Cow - no Koushik Seetharaman or she could be sued.
She searched his record in the database - an impeachable record indeed! He passed out of college only a year back - or lesser than that and strangely had become the HOD straight away - wait! It was written that her dad had given direct orders for that - surely he must have been insane around the time he died!
She decided to take a walk and gather some dirt on him. Surely such a decision should have caused some dis agreement with the older teachers of the school.On a second thought she decided to not take the walk - because the current teachers were her own science teachers when she studied here - she had openly told them her dislike for the subject - specially the biology one!
So she climbed back the stairs to her upstairs office which she was about to take a break from - soon.

She began to go through the documents of the farmhouses she owned - which she wanted to SELL. Her father was one luxury oriented man and had bought 5 farm houses in Mahabalipuram which seemed to have better real estate values nowadays.....however she wanted to build commercial establishments there! yes! that was her next move after having her vacation - she had already found the perfect place which she wouldn't even freely think about - in the fear of her thoughts being recorded - one can never be so cautious in such matters.....her secret vacation! With nil connection from her boring human race! She had the instinct that all was gonna be well.

Another Soul who believed in his instincts listened to GoDo's advice for the millionth time and got ready for the 'wooing' part. It was not that he was jobless.......Dinky's dad had So much trust in him that he had given him responsibilities that he could more than ask for - HOD =O He had just called the old man after he had come from Switzerland (where he did his college) and told him that he was free to do any job he wanted me to , thinking that he would ask him too woo his daughter , unfortunately the old man had put him in the center of a political turmoil within his school. The Old man hated all the science teachers and hence made him KOUSHIK the new HOD.
He wasn't exactly poor as Dinky attitude showed.....he was a normal middle class boy - with extra brains - for studying. Dinky called it 'photographic,' actually not he didn't remember - he understood.He was so good that he got free scholarships from various parts of the country after his schooling - as Dinky didn't WANT to see him , he decided to oblige her by flying to Switzerland ( where the chocolates and watches - 2 important components of his life - totally rocked) , not to mention that he had read Paul Coelho's 11 minutes and looked forward to some entertainment....
He put on his best suit , took the flowers , what would any student think if they saw him like this? He didn't care ..... it was one week before school was going to close for summer , so they would have their own excitements and exams ( ironic alliteration =P ) he knew Dinky , she would try to get rid of him.....she almost succeeded after 2 years of struggle but he needed reasons - not treasons for breaking up with the gal he loved the most.
Was it worth it? After 4 years of neglect? But it was there in his mind only for a millisecond , yes he loved her when they were 'kids' ,ie , from 6th - 10th and fought in 11th and 12th.........but he also know that Dinky was lost without him....because he was lost without her......4 years all alone filled with ego and memories of Dinky . god he was such a KID! He didn't care....he climbed the steps.
He didn't knock the door this time. He opened it and there she was as always - concentrating on nonsense. He saw her face - it was dead pan and he saw the slightest of amusement and the old Dinky in her eyes , that was enough.He place the flowers in her coffee table , moved towards her executive table , he saw her stand up and give a polite smile.
"Ah...cut the crap" was all he said , he moved towards her quickly and held her waists firmly , he read that in some  book , the max he had done before was bear hugs and tamil cinema kisses.....He just held her tightly and said "I want you...How I..."
He couldn't finish sentence , his Boss fired him for physical assault and unprovoked 'violence'....was love violence? He was left speechless by the only sentence she spoke.
He was defeated, this woman was not lovable.....there could be no more love story in this book. He turned to say bye when he heard the next sentence " Idiot, It is against the school's policy to have to hot lovers in the same office , want to come for a vacation with me?"
All he uttered was "where?" and all he got was "away"

Godo and Sheila phn conv
Sheila : Where is our nerdy Romeo?
Goo: No idea , last I heard of  him is when he was about to climb the stairs
Sheila: Make no mistake , I think they would have walked down together (giggles)
Goo:what bites me is why did such passionate 'lovers' fight for 6 years??
Sheila: it is the past !
Goo: I think it is NOT past Dinky , she never forgets or forgives easily
Sheila : I don't get you
Goo : I think the tiger is gonna kill the cow

To be continued
                                                               A semi creation

Thursday, April 7, 2011

New and the best

Nothing can stop me from watching TV , coming on Facebook , nowadays blogger too =) , even exams can't do this to me - only books - Story books can! Many people find reading books 'nerdy' , which it surely is not , I can prove it by 1 converse theorem - myself! =D

 I have read two very ambitious books in the last 5 days. These two seemingly unsimiliar books became interestingly inter linked because of 1 important factor - ME!! ;) Let me introduce the 2 candidates - one personally very important to me , a new entrant and an already bestseller - only time will tell by Jeffrey Archer <3  <3 and the next a world renowned book , the model for the best movie on earth , a book of chill daddies , a book which introduced us to the crime world , oh cut the crap , you already found out! It is the godfather by Mario Puzo !!

Everyone knows that I am an Archer fanatic , now you also know. I have read every book of his and find him as the best storyteller of  ALL time. What I love bout him is the way he narrates a life with so much life! Every character of his so diverse , there to serve a purpose and has LIFE! Also his books are so! I told that the particular book is personal to me - my family ordered the book secretly without my knowledge and presented it for my birthday!

After India won against Australia , I was screaming with joy and decided to stay awake till 12 and my dad gave me this book! aww u will say , but the truth was that my evil father took the gift my bro bought for me and gave it to me =P  So being the gracious and sweet sis , I kept the gift back where it was and accepted the gift with surprise when he woke me up at 6 ( and made me also wake up :/) . OK now he knows it =D
Another sweet thing was that when emy forgot to wish me till late evening ( not that part!) and when I was in the verge of creating murder plans for her........she gave me the biggest shock of my life by sending flowers and the same book ' only time will tell' , So 2 books at the same day!! That is why I will never forget it :')

So what's the story??
The trial and tribulations of Harry Clifton , a man who's life is carefully constructed by the people around him , the biggest mystery is the death of his father , nobody talked about it , he didn't even know if 'Arthur Clifton' was is his real dad.The story goes on like this - Maisie Clifton , a poor dockworker' sister has an one night stand with Hugo Barrington , the owner of the docking company , in 2 weeks time she marries Arthur. So no one knows who the real father is and Harry has the color blindness which is the family defect of the Barrington's family. So when , years later Harry falls in love with his best friend Giles Barrington's sister , Emma , all hell breaks loose.
The wonderful thing about this book is the narration of this saga from all the lead characters , which means that all the characters are important and have a role. Personally ,I love Harry's and Maisie's narration.( Maisie is  a waitress who later owns her own tea shop so don't miss her businessy story!) When the same story gets repeated more than once you tend to get irritated , and I did feel lighta irritated when it comes down to Hugo and Old Jack's version.
I have to say that Jack tar's role's the BEST. Read the book to know his character, it is according to me the masterstroke! =D
I also have to mention that the end of the book was so dramatic that I thought Archer has finally gone wrong once , after all the whole line of the story twisted so badly?! Gah! I thought that he was using the short story's technique on this - wrongly.
By blimey! I was SO wrong! This story was going to become a series!! It will go on till 2020 and it was still 1945!! So that was why the whole line changed! This must be the longest life story series ever to be created and I am sure it will turn out to be the BEST!

Next is the best one - GODFATHER!!! :')
Point no.1  - I am the mafia girl =D , I love everything about it! Before my fb account got DE activated I was level 180 on mafia wars , which is the bestest game on earth! However I cannot bring myself to play it because I am not game enough to play from so low when I have seen the highs! =P See , you already can see the characters of a Sicilian in me - pride , ego and respect.

Point no.2 - I LOUWE Italians! Call me racist I don't care. My deepest , darkest ambition is to run away to Italy and marry a don and later kill him =P

So this is the story of the historic Corleone family , don Vito Corleone , the god father , his laws his capos , Consiglieres , his people , his world. We get a peak how he runs it , the best thing about him is , he's reasonable, he does favors and asks favors in return , he expects only friendship , he lets his friends under estimate his goodness and enemies over estimate his faults , he never threatens anyone , he's a true Sicilian and always lives for respect, he's the god father. 

the godfather

Next we get to know his sons , Sonny (santino
Next is Freddie , who's initially an obedient , hard working , completely dedicated to his father , however he doesn't have the leadership material to become the next don. Later, after he's sent to Vegas , he turns to be a hotelier and a perfect , charming womanizer! In short a disappointment to the family.
Next is Michael Corleone , who was the civilian of the family, who even fought for America in the war. =O and who would have thought he had the spunk and the all important destiny to become the next don?

Michael - AL Pacino

The book starts with the Don's Daughter Connie's marriage. It goes through him refusing to deal with drugs , a chance taken on his life , putting him in hospital , making the family fall into a war resulting in Mike fleeing to Italy  to escape from murder charges , and sonny getting murdered :(
When the don wakes up we expect a WAR , but all we get is peace. Nah , Don , is too intelligent , he knows that revenge is a dish best served cold! =)  The book also deal's with the don's natural death and succession mike as the don!

The consligri is tom hagen , capos - tessio then the cadillac loving clemenza and all the others who makes the family work........
I think I am getting too carried away by this book , so all I can tell is this - when I read the first page , I knew that I had signed up for the most thrilling experience of my life =)

Both the books are the start of a series , however Archer's leaves us with more to be answered and Mario's more to be desired.....
The father-son relation is the crux of Godfather and is the most mysterious in O.T.W.L ....however the relation is very important in both the stories.
The most amusing thing in these books is that in god father everything is written with an evil mind ,ie, it is how all criminals are, everyone are opportunistic - everyone are villains and only Kay Adams seems to be with some morality  ( eg, Carlo rizzi helps in the murder of his own brother in law Sonny and the most trusted Tessio turns traitor! ) However in Archer's book everyone seem to be good in heart , everyone take their turn to help Harry! ( only exception is Hugo who's the only villain ) 
back to back =P
So reading  about angels to demons has been truly amazing , by some coincidence I got to read these books back to back and all I wanna say is it was MAGICAL.


 PS - this post has taken 3 and 1/2 hrs to be completed! My longest stretch , so muggles show me some respect! =D 

                Yours criminally 

Friday, April 1, 2011

Arjun Vignesh

Yes. I am writing about one individual! It is not Sachin Tendulkar , Manmohan Singh or Kamal Haasan - It is Arjun Vignesh! =P Ok , who's this Arjun Vignesh??

Ok. Not a baby ! ( this is his only decent pic =P ) 

He Writes like THIS :.............

"I've finally decided to write in your over hyped journal. Enna periya pista vaa nee? =P
Samyuktha.J A midget who breaks her bones every other day and is quite the yoga expert.
Thats ALL I knew about you for 10 years. *sigh* Those were happier days.
And then Sadly , I got close to this friendish devil =P "

" Next your blogs - coolest ever. I've read some of them over and over and never get bored of them.
Some of them on the other hand - dead boring.
Like a zoom list. But then again , what else can you expect from from some one as lame as you?
=P "

"Youre a real rowdy/porikki as well.
First girl to get sent back home from school . Tch Tch.
Can't believe I'm still hanging out with you and all.
But then again , I am an awesome and a very forgiving person.
So , its ok , no need to worry ,
you'll always be my friend
[ provided I have unlimited cash supply] "

" P.s - I still hate you for beating me at SST
P.s.s - You're the only one lame enough to take history with you to 11 th 
when  we finally get the chance to dump it behind.
P.S.S.S- You won't find KFI that interesting. 
After all , it won't have me =P
P.S.S.S.S - I'll miss you =)) " 

He speaks like this...............

Whats So Special about him........

He's a FOOL , so it fills most of the criteria for the 'april 1 day' post! He calls himself a retard ( he is!)

you got it! He's mad =P

Seriously , he got  School 1 st! He's a complete nerd - but he acts like he's not one =P
He watches Master chef Australia! He perfectly ruined it for us by watching the episodes before itself on you tube and spoiling the suspense of it!
He always seems to be on facebook through thick and thin!
He likes Parotta + Channa = Yum ( even UNDER COOKED ones)
He is Rude.
He pinches his partner secretly =P
He once used to be SQUEAKY ;)
He is my friend ( any smiley will be suitable)

What I do think about him........................
From his journal  entry we get to know he is Narcissistic, Self obsessive , ruins a good sentence somehow with is dark 'humor' , that he is rude , crude and comes to his point only at the end 

"P.S.S.S.S - I'll miss you =)) " 
What with the =) smiley?? =P

What I think about HIM...................
Nut case - nevertheless ,unfortunately my friend! He sux sometimes , like when he said zoom was bad! He spoils stuff by speaking too much , however I am a very accommodating person and I don't mind the least because nobody's perfect!

What is good about him is that he is kind of paavam =P , never swears , acts good and good at heart. All the bad things removed , he is a very genuine person at heart , tells what he really feels , a good orator , debater , good actor (nathu!) and a very fun friend to be with!

P.S. - I will miss him too =( 

P.S.S - I wish him happy b'day for 29th and today!! XD
                                                             - Yours Retardedly