Friday, May 20, 2011

Conversations with God

Spoiler alert! This is nothing pertaining to a book with the same name. I suddenly got this idea and the title , when googled found that the idea had already been used. So this is a conversation with god - the one inside you! =)

Case 1 
The Troy pain
Troy : Hey....God? I got a Fb message from you asking me to contact you....
God : (A gruff voice) Yeah...even your inside can contact you only on facebook
Troy: Ya Ya .... I get it . I stopped contacting you only because I found it weird talking to myself
God : No you found it GUILTY to meet your own conscience.
Troy: ( submissively raises his hands) I accept , so what do you want?
God : I want to know whats wrong with you!
Troy : Laughs mockingly You tell me babe! I have this beautiful girl friend , I am the star quarterback in our college's football team , I am supposed to be the hottest lay......
God: And yet you are cutting yourself and causing pain
Troy: You will not understand will you?
God : See the irony troy! I am you ... even you can't understand yourself :D
Troy: God? How do you find happiness? How do you enjoy life?
God: Idiot. That is the only reason you were born for... to appreciate , smile and spread it!
Troy : I don't know...I have parents who love me , a game and a girl friend which I love ....but what is life? Is it just this...? Existing? Pain excites me.... It is something very different from what I is ...
God: GOD, now pain has become your god you fool! Wake up before you end this beautiful dream called life
Troy: what a contradiction my dear lord! (harshly) Are you going to explain what is life or not?
God: Dear troy , what you are going through now is the pain of not feeling pain . You are still young , behold. Have patience! You like stories right?
Troy : Yes...
God: Life is a story, an unique one . Wait for it to unfold.....
Troy: Your effects don't work. I already know it. Happily ever after....Thats Soo Boring , I am gonna close it!
God: No! You are not! Understand this. You are the writer of the story , not me. The experience are your ink and memories your words. If you find it boring , it means you are the cause of it.
Troy: So now you are throwing the blame on ME?
God : Surely yes. Go out , not in. Expose your mind to the nature not your blood or flesh. Suicide is only an option - a self imposed one. Take the braver route , tell whoever matters how you feel. Go take the dictionary , pick a random page , word and define your life with it - if your life is so pathetic.
Troy:......that sounds nice....but I like the blood
God: the whiskey was always loved by the drinker , the bottle remained the drinker didn't. Look Troy , I always care about you , I am your conscience. Not the normal one....the one who is so pure that he is pushed to the deepest confines. Semi the demi asked me to contact you. I am there in every one of you ,this is the last time I speak here , so hear "Facebook bores you one day due to its inactivity , the very next day you see a cute pic or a magical thread happens. If you had de activated the day before you are a loser" So is life , don't become the loser
Troy : Gee god you finally accept Facebook
God : Provided that you accept life
Troy : OK! I am not depressed , at least now. I will live for this moment
God: Dude , for starters just live.

Case 2
The mystified mummy
mom: Jesus! I pray to you every day , thou shall not cheat me.
god: Why should I cheat you? You cheat yourself! I am you , listen to your inner voice , I shall guide you to my extremes.
mom: I shall listen to me (at least) now, after 2 decades of other voices filling me ,let me fill myself
god: So I shall, now dear what is troubling you?
mom: As ashamed as I am of admitting it , it is my own DNA , my daughter
god: Ah! A teenage girl is not a new problem....and not an easy problem
mom: She was the fulfillment of my dreams , the biggest success in my humble life. She was the best student , she never said 'no' , She behaved really well and for a point of time that the joy she brought was only next to christ's love itself.
god: Why is everything in past tense mama?
mom: (without a pause) Then she turned 13 , it was as if she didn't belong to me anymore. Her language turned audacious , her marks left me outrageous , her hormones showed me the obvious , I have lost control over my daughter. The demons have taken over her. Please god! How shall I have my daughter back?
god: Say mama! Why do you have to control your daughter? She ain't a baby no more! I understand your worries but keep it to yourself.
mom : and live a fake life?
god : No , a different life . You of all people should know that change is unchangeable . Your daughter has changed , its time for you to.
mom: that means I have to accept all the incredulous bad attitude!
god: not necessarily , you have to put yourself in her shoes. Become her friend , learn to trust her. When you do , she will surely return it. Your worries are a by product of the huge amount of love , shower the love and the plant will grow.
mom: What about the weeds?
god: Growing amidst competition is not bad. Let her touch the fire and become wary. Your role is to be there when she comes backs defeated and make her feel that you are ALWAYS there.
mom: The Bad marks?
god: The bad marks are evidences and traces of her life....which she will never forget...
mom: Dont act un intelligent! The bad marks...the GRADES , which beholds her future?
god: You have to remember that the top rankers are not always the highest achievers , but for a girl of her caliber she will come around soon. The lowest valley will remind her of the peak , making her walk faster!
mom: thank you for everything my lord!
god : Hey! I am you.....remember to live for yourself. Stop worrying  , live great! and dont forget to worship me =P ;)

                                                                                      yours nobly

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Semi's Summer Sharings....!

Heylo people! After 14 hours of undisturbed sleep which was preceded by 120 hrs of non stop travel by car ( diesel one) all I can say is that my fatigue is over temporarily and that I am all ready for a new blogpost. I heard that there was a blogger meltdown for 2 days and am thankful that I was not put through that torture of data corruption and was instead on the top of some mountain sipping CCD coffee!

With that positive note I would like to start this post – which is a mini tourist guide to the hill station Coorg and places surrounding it. The important characters in this guide will be :
Me – who is the narrator, Semi , and this whole post is my perspective
Y – Who thinks that the word ‘me’ belongs to him and is apparently my brother too.
S – My close bff , family friend and got the status of ‘cousin’ in this trip (although I think that the word friends sums up all)
Appa – My dearest daddy , who was high and energetic all through the trip and even had the spunk to move is tummy around and dance wildly one night!
Amma – My lovely ‘lap’ whenever I was sick and the loud ‘slap’ whenever I was sick ( the other meaning) =P
Neha – The girl who traveled in the other car , my dad’s colleague’s daughter , was fun to be with =)
Shreya – Neha’s cousin, she loves elephants!
Subash uncle – Neha’s dad and the cautious driver of the car behind us.
Charles uncle – Our quiet driver, who drove through all our nonsense

Road Travel –
Dearest tourist , if you want to have the maximum amount of fun my family recommends road travel as you can listen to Deva’s Gaana hits and scream at the kids on the road with no one monitoring you – which is not possible in train/plane. However , me being the affected party would suggest all carsick people not to try this , especially if you have an engine which needs diesel , or a brother who has a voice equivalent to a whistle!

If you do continue amidst all these warnings, remember to take a good collection of CD’s or at least someone’s car which has a good one.
When taking please remember to throw out 80’s albums which your parents have memories with – as they tend to repeat the same CD. Especially Mohan hits.
Basically traveling in car is fun , when you have lots of junk food , good music , a reliable driver and eccentric parents(who do not get to drive) . As we had all ; it was helluva fun.
Also make sure that you don’t know the directions! Asking the way , losing it and figuring it out yourself makes you an expert by the end of the trip. We actually lost our way , when we took the tumkur road for the Mysore road and lost an hour of our productive travel !
S saw our family’s craziest side when Manmadhan Ambu CD was played =P We knew all the lyrics by heart – specially ME! When asked Y which word he understood of kamal kavidhai he candidly replied ‘vendum’ .


When Traveling from Chennai to Coorg, it is advisable to halt in some place. Bangalore is the perfect halfway mark for this journey.  If you stay in some relative’s place surely you will get extra points from them and our critical grandmother =D who thinks that travel means visiting a temple or a relative.
Visiting taco bell, the Shiva temple made of ice and iskaan temple (my personally favorite) is not a bad idea. Our rest was in my dad’s aunt’s place which beamed till the brim with love , coffee and cricket where csk beat the hell out of Rajasthan Royals. So obviously everyone had a good night’s sleep.
Next day we started going towards Coorg , that was when I started getting sick. Words of advice – never have cold coffee and doughnut before a long drive , rather have the famous Mysore thatte idly , which is YUMMY and digestible a rare combo nowadays . Do add Oviron before sitting inside the car.
Amma’s lap is also a nice proposition, you get the love , care and most importantly the space to keep your head and sleep. =)

Is actually the name of a coffee estate and has many places to it. The orange county is the best resort but geographically is in the lower end of the hill, To get the best out of the place , opt for the madikeri town , which has the best climate and is closer to important locations.
Every 5 kms of Coorg has 1 ccd shop! Ain’t that cool?? You can shop a lot of condiments, spices, home made squashes, fruit wines (!) and honey bottles there. There are a lot of cheap and actually cool home stays in Coorg and we got to stay in one. It costs only about 500 rs a person and gives us vast space and clean boarding. Food is innovative too.

Places to visit :
Talacauvery – The origin of cauvery river! The perfect spot to be called hilly and religious. It is properly exploited and the temple is beautiful , you can walk a 400 steps to be wowed by the views and the pure cauvery water is so pure and fresh that you can’t stop drinking it!!

Abbey falls – Beautiful falls with a nice history . Only that can be said about it. Maybe you can take some pics near the falls. There is the illusion that you can have a bathe there I am not gonna cheat you people – the place strictly prohibits you fron even touching the water. I am revealing this because we had to walk a long distance only to be disappointed with stunning views and nothing else.
You get yummy cucumbers , buttermilk , mangoes here! ;)

Flower show – There  was a beautiful park in madikeri , which was just a street away  from our  home stay. You can get the freshest air , see the best of flowers , the most stunning views and cool laser shows all for 5 rupees only! Perfect spot for enjoying the vacation with your family!

Elephant camp – Some kilometers away from Coorg , in a place called Dubara , you find an island filled with elephants! There you can shed all your apprehensions and become one among the wild. You get to bathe the elephant , see it get fed and of course  ride on it!! You also get yummy tender coconuts . If all these aren’t tempting enough here is the real deal – you can walk back in the water to the island!
It is slippery , running water but it comes upto only 2 feet , so even the cautious ones get wet and in the end are pushed to have fun! Falling in the water was Y’s deliberate and my unfortunate job! I ended up with an almost broken finger , amma with a red leg , but we didn’t complain as the water shut us up!
There is also a rafting outfit there!

Tibetan Monastery – How the hell did a Tibetan village come somewhere in Karnataka border? God knows! Actually Dalai Lama does xD When he came here it seems he set up a whole monastery and culture here! So without even going to north India we get to experience Tibetan culture and I must say that there are hundreds of monks ( who are bald and cute! ) there . Their whole system of prayer and god is so vibrant that you will be taken aback to know that it was a prayer session and not a band session going on! I highly recommend everyone to go there! xD

Kings sanctuary – Appa showed us that he was a business man when he coaxed a 10,000 rupees room for 4,500! The resort was awesome fun with 225 mango trees , luxurious rooms , wild bonfire dances where everyone got to showcase their dancing skills including appa , Subash uncle and Y of course . I have to appreciate the human acting as the gorilla and the lion who tried to scare me , but all I could see was a skinny guy  inside! =D 
Half a km from there you get to go into Nagerhole wildlife sanctuary , where you go on safaris . This is the real deal , this is no private zoo, Animals behave naturally and we saw hundreds of beautiful deers , which gave us enough proof that the tigers where tamer there. All we got to see of a tiger, was its paw mark =P , we did see some exotic monkeys (which were already aplenty inside the bus) , birds and elephants. However the ride itself was fun as the road was the bumpiest thing we encountered in our lives! 

So do please visit these wild and yet wonderfully exploited places. What is important in all this is that we traveled as a family and had some 'us' time. So being together is important , the lions and deers preach us that and going on a vacation every year is never so bad it? 

                                                                                  Yours coorgily

This post is now a part of Travel tuesday meme.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I didn't write my diary entry for the past week and my obsessiveness finally caught up and I tried to fill the diary today. That was when I realized that I couldn't remember anything that happened in the past 4 days - no not like the hangover it is more like ' GAME OVER' . It suddenly hit me that it didn't make a difference , all the days mattered upto nothing , just void , vacuum and emptiness. Again don't get it wrong - I did do something during these days but the point is , I did just for the Sake of it  More like a zombie.


Everyone feels it , specially when they are in the middle of a 2 month summer vacation. Some people get it sooner than later that they are bored - like my brother. Him , my dad and I went to some test match . He was the one who was initially more excited , but as his nature proved he uttered that he was bored - after the FIRST OVER. We had to stuff burgers in his mouth throughout that match to shut it.

Getting bored during the holidays is expected but not told often. Holidays are supposed to be 'fun' times where children got to sleep , eat , watch TV and do nothing , which is more polishedly called as being 'free'. I accept that I was proud and unperturbed at the start that I would do 'nothing'. However the guilty consciousness is showing up after wasting 1 whole month living in void.

I can prove the extremeness of my state of pure purposelessness by stating my Frequently Done activities during the hols :

  • Devoting my time to TV wholeheartedly. It didn't matter whether if it was Desperate housewives - which IS interesting or Dexter - which was rather boring ( season 3) . The prior statement is a good enough testimony that my soul has lost its life =P 
  • I have to mention Super Singer Season 3 , which although widely appreciated cannot live up to my expectations. I loved the earlier seasons which consumed lesser time and more music. After deciding that I would never watch it ,I did. Another idiotic act as that show is just NOT edited properly , unless of course whenever  Siva Karthikeyan hosts , he injects life to a DEAD show.
  • I also have to admit that I was SO bored that I watched some Tamil serials. Unfortunately the stories hadn't developed much after the last time I watched them ,ie, approximately 1 and a HALF years. I was surprised to see some serials still running as they were supposed to end 10 years back. eg. Kasturi and Vasantham. Watch it at your own risk and find out why they are bad!
  • If all these weren't enough Simpsons got over :'( , only to be followed by the sickly 'cartoon' Family guy. Star World even had the guts to call it funnier than Simpsons! =O Surely that must be the biggest joke in relation to the family guy as I find it as drab as a math text book.
I think I lost track of days after this over deal. If TV shows were as pathetic as Vijaykanth wearing multi colored clothes , IPL was as pathetic as Vijay in Sura!!

Yeah, seriously!! After CSK VS KKR , everyone expected the matches to be similarly entertaining- however they were in for no surprises. As every match seemed to be more boring than the next! The players became tired, the audiences sick of the overdose. I forced myself to not watch IPL - the force wasn't needed that much actually as I had a lot of momentum-. So ya , the IPL IS BORING.

Next factor is books - although people wouldn't consider it purpose less. The quality of the books were so good that I need a separate post for that. All I can state here is that they were so good that I needed gaps before reading the next ones - as I was still reeling from the effect. Reading good books is a good problem to have though =') 

I can put on more reasons but I am bored already , talking about your joblessness is not very amusing.

So coming to the inspiring part. ( I don't if it is for everyone or myself) YES , holidays are awesome - in the beginning. Quoting the loving brother from my 9th Tamil lesson 'thangaiku'  - for my sister - (with translation) "there is nothing amusing in good things being awesome or going smoothly , there is an English proverb telling new broomstick work well (ask him! ) New servants work well , new students listen more (!) and new blah does more bleh " So what he is saying that the start of the holidays is fun - so have all the fun there.

When the blinding heat comes don't go down as expected from you. Start Chilling - I understand it is an oxymoron but CHILL. Try escaping from Chennai , which I am gonna do. If more brave , wake up at early mornings and go for walks.Pls remember that early means before 7 AM =) Have a breakfast , which is an energy pack! Do whatever you do between  that and the after noon. 

Please nap during the afternoon . Please. Then do the most crucial thing of your day - it could be the breeze in the beach , funda on Facebook , torture with the TV , waltzing with your writing , Robust with your reading , freaking with your friends and all in all the whole core of your holidays.
I am not going to ask you all to study - I don't ask my readers to do things I will never do in a 100 years but If they want to have a happy 100 years they can indulge in it.

I am gonna sign off as I still find only vacuum in my heart . This maybe my worst post of all time I don't care , I just wanted to write something to fill the void.I have to admit that I am going through a writer's block and I am trying to remove it by writing more and I just found that it is a bad idea.

I have 2 last things to say:
Read the 'google story' book. It inspires in you in a way you never felt before! It is about Larry Page and Sergie Brin and how google is what it is . It increase the respect and love you have for google! and most of all makes you feel connected to something . Give it a shot.

The last is a conversation I had with my friend Poori
Me: Hi ( in a hyper voice in the hope of having a lively conversation)
she: ey....
Me:what are you doing?
She: Sitting on top of a bean bag which is on top of a sofa
Before I could ask if the position of safe she let out a big scream.
me: what happened????
She: Semi! A lizard is there on the wall.........
Me: SO??
She:It is moving right
Me: OK
She : It is moving towards me it

Please don't let yourself get into such a situation and so BORED that all you talk with you bf is a lizard on the wall! Be active and don't let nothing become everything as something made you a living thing!!!