Saturday, July 23, 2011

Numb errs!

After having depended upon this blog for all my happiness and pride and sharing an identity with it for so long that semi and semi sharings were seemed to be the same. What do I do to spoil it all??? Forget my 50th post! and remember it only after my 51th post and write about it in my 52nd post! NUMBERS!
As normal human beings may observe mathematics is a very un agreeable subject which requires high amount of HARD work , slogging and practice which might all end up in nothing as your brain will refuse to work with you for that 1 particular moment! The size of RD Sharma itself may make some Indians give up mathematics LoL

Writing is the form of representing speech in symbols supposedly - however it has 2 forms words and NUMB ERRS . Why would someone create something as awesome as words and then find numbers? O.o
NO I am not saying that numbers are useless and are infact quite the opposite! They are needed at every important transaction of our lives! =) Then teach us what will be applicable to our lives like profit and loss, compound interest more. ( Even such complications are mostly required by sellers, business men only mostly) and what the HELL do we do with Algebra ( x. y ,z are insulted xD) , Geometry ( even figures are insulted =P) and the unknown territories which scare me with their name like calculus ( prof. Calculus from Tintin? ) permutations ( perms and mutations? Oxymoron? =P)

After going through the over deal of doing math in 10 th standard and after getting A1 in it xD I decided to quit or rather escape! Doing the radical I met with incredulous responses! People couldn’t believe that a person could not study math! It is not like we will die or is it?? =O

Astonishingly/ironically my most favorite teachers have been math teachers! Right from the kutti , sweet and charming Usharani miss who was more my friend , who made my horrible performances into tolerable ones by giving me free marks =P and of course the more recent phenomenon – GEETHA miss Lol or Getha miss! She is as mischievous as us ;) and very dependable, awesome teacher!! xD  Sometimes I wish I liked Math as much as the teacher who taught them! I have a folly – I never listen in class! If it is math then bye bye! Where is my story book? =P 

If that is not enough , Shivani Naresh . my dear ‘best’ friend Loves Math! =O So much so that I found her occupying more time with it than me! =P Believe it or not I became jealous of this abstract feeling and to materially satisfy my hatred I diverted my attention on RD Sharma. ( Evil look) No! I didn’t kick it ,tear it. I studied it =O I worshipped it. Like the Don says keep your friends close , keep you enemies closer! So I did keep it CLOSE next me. Shivani further alleviated my torture by remarking on the author RD himself and wondered out loud that he would surely be ‘cute’ yeah like my -------

Mathematically speaking , I am a black sheep in my family . My mom loves Linear equations, quadratic and all that, my father loves Trig and generally MATH – supposedly a genius of his own right. My brother although still in 6th generally is supposed to be very fast and good in math and even wants to pursue Astrophysics =O ( Don’t ask me how he got the Idea =P)

So this is  what I want to convey. Math and numbers to a majority of the human population is a sore irritation , however it IS important and basic knowledge is a MUST. However once you know ho to handle a calculator and learn some basic theorems it shouldn’t be looked upon SO awestruckedly. Every subject sux and rox in its own way. You can’t blame everything on the subject , the one who studies should also take some minimum steps to prevent the hatred from seeping in. Now I can manage to do a sum without grimacing but not without a headache =P that is sort of an improvement!  

Let the people who work with the numb ERRs continue doing it and the others criticize , I am not going there , I am just saying where I am . =) So hopefully with all this statistical info you wouldn’t forget to celebrate my 50 th post’s celebration a little belatedly! xD

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Get Real xD

Its been 17 days since I wrote my last blogpost. The break was unwarranted for and that was what made it cool! xD The worry in everyone's voice when they asked 'did you stop blogging?' made it worth it =P  Somebody cares about me and my blog B| OK! I am an attention seeking maniac!! What to do??!

Time to Get real!!!

Last Last Sunday the KFI Drama fest happened. It was the chillest play in town -about the student themselves in myriad ways! The play started with a huge presentation on some social networking product , although none of us ( atleast less intelligent beings like me) could catch head or tail of it , the sound technological terms impressed immensely. Then came a court scene which many movies would beg for! The 2 ppl who ‘acted’ as lawyers deserve special mention. Then comes the FUN part! The Drama takes us back to the school life of a batch of students who are at their natural best – BE it Karu (mis pronounced Kalu) =P who fights for munch and kitkats , Sanah who is at her bubbly Punjabi best! , Ladu who shows of his basket ball and ‘other skills ;) , Vaidehi with a splendid piece of acting , the girl who is obsessed with the mirror , the guy who calls psychology students psychos and the football , spd fighting scenes surely brings back splendid amounts of nostalgia and fun.

The play also deals on various issues like peer pressure , violence etc in the way it happens. So now everybody would want to watch it now...gahahaha (my evil laugh ) its already over! However video can be supplied to those interested =P  provided that the blogger gets a copy first!

The Drama stole my heart at many levels  - when Narayan anna said that ’32 students are performing’ and corrected it to 31 guess who’s heart felt a PANG? Mine of course! The dance performance by Sanah and Karu was just STUNNING and made many pop their eyes out! The play was at its un conventional best making the drama observer lose some pounds by turning their head left and right , and they used the WHOLE room! Also Tae – un’s song ( wht lang??) and the video game scenes were too hilarious! The student sang , danced , debated , facebooked (!) , cried , fought , joked , shared their darkest secrets with us! Surely we ARE privileged!

The title of the play was disturbing me a lot! ‘Get Real’ – like a wake up call! Telling- you are not in KFI ,move on , yet I am ironically  presented with an epic show which only makes me want to increase my love!
However nothing can alter the fact that CV Rox! xD  I have adjusted to it and now enjoying life more than EVER!!!

See I am Contradicting!!! ( Finally done justice to my profile sketch! Phew!)

Fooled ya!

The Next set of Chillness your highness is paying you guys is HP7!! After watching that damn movie and reading all the books and literally living with all the character in your dreams and reality (delusional!) getting real is surely hard. My dear friend , Nomi who cries rarely (she will kill me if I state otherwise) cried when the movie ended. So matter over. The Film Rox!!

Ignoring the book , following the heart it may be one of the greatest finishes of all time! So take a bow for being a fan! <3 I read a post by some ‘skeptics’ stating how people waste their time in Harry potter. My answer is Harry potter is the only thing which has comes close to heaven and the fact that we enjoy it doesn’t make us stupid!
Watching 19 years later was hilarious! Harry looked believable , Ron  always old =P , Ginny in a weird haircut which makes her look more muggle , the kids are cute...but Hermione hasn’t changed a bit ( maybe she put some spell to look young forever?? =D) However the best is Draco with his goatee who takes your breath away!! B|
If something was missing in the film , it was surely the way death was shown. Seriously Voldy will just blow into paper pieces?? And it was great injustice not showing how Lupin , Tonks and Fred died! (Fred only right? I always get confused with George!)

However killing of Bellatrix is another tale . “It is my Daughter you Bitch” Hahaha! Glee , joy and REVENGE!!!......Snape!!! I never thought I would end up crying for him! But seriously =’( 
SO lets get real , my dad is shouting, I have to eat .  

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Semi Frank!

I have done something here , that I have never done before. Doubting myself - in writing a blogpost! I read Anne Frank , hated it first and ended up loving it , decided to blog about it , took this beautiful title 'semi frank' and when I was in the mood to create the blockbuster , it flopped before it started! =P

tempting aint it? =P the kindle not the coffee!
I had received my Amazon Kindle!!! All eager to meddle with my ebook manager I forgot about my wonder dream...then came Facebook! , Google , and all the other modern day mindbogglers which tormented this micro blogger! As I have rhymed a word and established the history of this fascinating project I will start it.

Semi + Frank

Anne Frank , the author of the Diary of a young girl has fully earned it to be called 'an ordinary yet an extraordinary girl' =D it is the truth! In her diary , we see a spoilt rich teenager's life being ripped apart and where her dreams of boyfriends being replaced by death , fear and Hitler. From what I heard it was a 'wartime' novel , so I was readying for some weapons and tears , all I got was depression and tears from Anne. The first 100 pages leaves you devastated , bored and cheated. Yeah , she is Anne Frank. She gives an account about her school , all her friends , her prospective boy friend. and Here she is finally running away from nazis! she is hiding in her dad's office which is not small as it looks , the annexe. =O Now , she gets depressed , what else do you expect when you are locked in a house for so long , not seen the sunshine , dead bored and of course constantly fear getting caught. Duh. Depression. Now to show it off she has a secretive jealousy over Margot , her sis , which she doesn't accept even to herself! Next she starts hating her mom who is picking on her. As if no other girl is tortured by her mom! =P she starts writing particularly disdainful entries about her and her other house mates!

a very 'small' place to hide!
Finally , the good thing happens. She finds love to fill the void and the wonders are seen! The book becomes lighter , we can see the freshness in her drab life and most importantly see her mature. Her new understanding of life is what all of us need. She studies more than ever with her short sight ,starts seeing that Margot is innocent and even starts understanding her mom. The happier thing is that she understands the love with Peter as only an infatuation and a desperate attempt by her to pull herself back into life - which she does eventually.The end is rather sad , by the end of 1944 they know that the war is ending - in their favor. We find Anne happy and smile , only to be fooled ourselves. The very next day storm troopers invade their house ='( and send them to the evil concentration camps.......where they rot and die. 
This is a sad story , way sadder than Semi's Sad Story, which seems even kiddish to think about now. Who cares about going to an icse school or a cbse school when millions don't get to go to a school at all?? I approve what Anne's mom says when 'learn from the deprived'.

real defined

So coming to the extra effects part! xD Reading the book was very very weird. and that 2nd very is not an extra word! It was because of the guilty feeling which accompanies you when you know that we are reading someone else's diary - for a change =P Also the fact that all this is not fiction , which we can just throw off our mind is always lingering.It is a heavy book.I am Sad and depressed after reading this.
However what makes it worth it is the amazement you receive after reading the whole book , you can see the steady increase in the intelligence and the maturity of this girl , you know she lived for sure , and although reading a diary is generally horrible , reading this one is a must!

Semi is Frank

Life is moving on. I have settled rather well in chettinad although not in the way one would expect semi to. I find myself changing , lonely at crowded times , rather dependent on mood to carry me through. Gone are the days of knowing everyone and being known by everyone. One must acknowledge that it is a rather tough job in CV with a thousand in my class itself! If I do want my name on paper , I gotta raise a scandal , but Im not a vandal no more! my friends are running towards me with their shoes =P ya ya! I am witty ,rude mean and naughty as ever but...but I cannot call CV my home yet! =( Sure! everyone is very sweet and blah blah ....but relocation and re ALLOCATION of priorities is tough. After having 12 years of nonsense (=P) as my priority it is almost maddening to shift gears. However this is WHAT life is about. I am glad that I didn't stay in BVM itself for 2 more years...I would have too little preparation for my colleges where brand names are stamped the second you step foot on the campus soil!
CV is one mini Hogwarts and I gotta say a very very interesting and exciting place to make friends! The variety is so much that bvm looks like ibibo and CV looks like FB in comparison! Yo! These are my last 2 years of uniform - very cool ones at that, So I am not letting the sad me in me torture Semi =P Although I feel down almost everyday , I make almost violent efforts everyday. I will bounce back , like the stone from drain water ( horrible anecdote right? =P ) and make everyone stink with me xD - Stink RICH.
                                                                                                  Your contradictory as ever