Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lets BURST - with Happiness?!

Its been exactly 18 days since I blogged. This time even I don't know why I took a break! The only comforting incident would have been when my friend said ' Semi, its been so long since you posted a link on my wall' . Haha , the ways in which they commute their love for my blog :P and the ways I spam them xD

I know I need to blog something worthwhile but my brain doesn't seem to be working - probably because  my grandmom is gossiping tambhram stuff sitting right next to me!! xO So please don't expect a masterpiece - read with low expectations and close the tab with fulfillment!!

Now please sniff the air around you - what do you smell??? The last few gasps of fresh air I bet. Don't you understand??? Diwali is in the AIR!!! For all those  with an  unforgivably low I.Q  Diwali is the bestest festival Hinduism has to offer!! Not satisfied with this understandable definition? Then suffer. :  

"Diwali (also spelled Devali in certain regions) or Deepavali,[1] popularly known as the "festival of lights", is an important festival in HinduismJainism, and Sikhism, celebrated for different reasons, occurring between mid-October and mid-November"
or so says Wikipedia , which is user defined. *dramatic pause* I have always had this doubt! Isn't the whole of internet 'user defined' ??! 
Yeah. Enough of '??' to cover my lack of content. and lets jump back to the topic - DIWALI. 
What makes this festival so much FUN? Lets go in order : 

  • Wake up early in the morning at 4 AM (umm .. not exactly fun. But my mom will be proud x) 

  • Have this really intense oil bath. Almost all the hygienic problems of India will get solved if we have diwali everyday . Almost everyone has a bath on that day and some have baths ONLY on that day. 
Tool of the trade!

  • Easily the BEST and WORST part of Diwali. Yes , the Crackers!!! Start with 'bhusvaanam' or the flower pots , the ashok chakars or the colourful wheels (?) , then moves on to the explosives or the vedi. This includes the atom or hydrogen bombs and are louder than they sound xD also the desi sparrow shots or the kuruvi vedi and other vedis named after deities!! THEN we have the show stealers - Rockets and fancy fireworks! They light up the sky and look beautiful *grr* (just got a goose bump) I would love to yap on more about crackers ^_^  then I wouldn't know what I am saying and it would be 'all smoke and no fire' 
curse me :P

  • When you are about to light the 100 wala and just about to start all the noise and smoke - be sure of one thing. Grandmother will play spoilsport. But for a good reason I say ( notice the quick gun murugan slang) - she brings in a plate full of SWEETS and SNACKS. and with all the gunpowder which refuses to let go even when washed you grasp the food  and bite.........YUM! 

  • If you really don't want those extra pounds and are not really interested in crackers as such (:O) I have a quick solution for you - MOVIES. All the best movies of the year get released during diwali . PROOF - 7am arivu (the seventh brain) featuring Surya <3 =* and shruti haasan is releasing on diwali!!!! Of course Sharukh Khan's Much hyped Ra. One which I must admit looks too good to be true with a Robot SRK ( he actually looks kinda cute...) and a ravishingly desi kareena kapoor! Also Vijay's Velayutham - where he is a milkman with superhuman abilities and 2 girlfriends ( Swear on god that is the one liner!) and Dhanush's  Mayakkam Enna which has won its first round with the MUSIC xD 
  • I know ... getting tickets the first day is tough =( If so , you can always switch on the idiot box. I bet there will be lots on offer ( although the schedules haven't been released yet) Axn is doing a ' x factor' marathon on that day I heard - NO thank you. 

  • Get together with family and friends. Bursting with your friends - in happiness and in crackers- is awesome. The day is surely entertaining with at least one person bombing the other!! Last year I burst an atom bomb in my hand xO - No don't feel for me , I didn't follow ANY safety protocols - I rock. More freakish - To help a scaredy cat of a friend ,my cousin yuyu decide to hold that guys hand. After not lighting up the 7 shots for atleast twenty minutes that crazy bugger did light it! Happy right? No :P Yuyu was caught off guard and all the 7 shots hit his eye! 
  • Scaring the dogs which scare / chase you for the rest of the year ( I know right? I aM evil. ) 
Isn't the air infected with Diwali - ness already?? At least I am!! For once I am happy to be born this way! 

umm........I am supposed to be a responsible blogger. At the same time , I don't preach what I don't do. So which side do I take? Crackers DO pollute the earth...but so do cars , fridges , autos , factories and plastics. Being a wimp and not bursting anything sux , however being a daredevil and bombing your house is also not very...feasible. So as usual I take all the stances semi in nature =) ( what a cool way to be diplomatic! xD ) 

and We Burst!!!
                                                                                                                               Bosomed with FUN
                                                                                                                                   SEMI xD