Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Caste Discrimination for dummies

its pussy's post! x)
Hello there readers! Firstly a huge thank you for making this kutty blog reach 10000 views! =) Never would have been possible without your support xD As promised our very own Rhea also known as pussy and always surrounded by them has finally graced us with a post of hers. The 'post' is actually a rip off from her sociology project, which unlike the usual ones makes sense! Read it , laugh / swear and do whatever you want but don't forget that this is  for fun and fun only.  Before I buzz of - pussy is such a stud muffin that she actually submitted this!! :O 

Human beings have for centuries been on the lookout for bigger and better ways to discriminate their counterparts.Among the more popular forms of discrimination, like racial discrimination (eg."Come hea' ya filthy nigger") , gender discrimination ( eg. "Go make me a sandwich woman") and religious discrimination (Eg. "He's just a money - grabbin' Jew"), lies a form of discrimination known as 'caste discrimination' , which is unique only to the Indian sub continent. Yes , adding to the long list of superlatives in India's pocket , (including most number of malnourished children , some of the worst roads and the most number of homeless people ) , is a particularly vicious form of discrimination known as caste discrimination.
If you haven't heard of caste discrimination , well you're probably one of the NRI's who stock up on toilet paper when making their token visit to India. In this project , we shall go through the whole process of caste discrimination, in so much detail,  that this report would be more aptly titled,  were it called 'caste discrimination for dummies '.
What does caste discrimination comes from?
Caste discrimination originally wasn't discrimination at all levels.  If you travelled back in time (although I don't know why you would want to,since they did not have running water back then), you would find a society in which every member belonged to one of four occupations - unless they were a dead beat person, who lived off his familys earnings. These four occupations were a) brahmana b) kshatriya c)vaishya d) shudra
Although people weren't discriminated according to which occupation they belonged to,  there was a definite hierarchy to this. Brahmanas were highest regarded people. These lucky people did all the praying and chanting and assumed the role of  messengers of god. Now since the olden day people were not stupid (they did not have twilight back then to deaden their brain cells) , they knew that no one messes with the gods. So, they awarded the brahmanas with the highest status in order to appease the realm of supernatural.
Next in line , were the kshatriyas. In the event that the gods were unable to keep the ancient societies free from invaders, they appointed the kshatriyas. The kshatriyas were stud muffins who put on their suits of armour and rode their horses to conquer the world. Being all macho and putting their life on the line, these daredevils got the admiration of all the jasmine scented ladies. But they felt this wasn't enough. The kshatriyas couldn't be sidelined either, for they had pretty sharp swords. So to keep their bodies puncture free, the people awarded them the second highest status.
The vaishyas were the merchants. As any materialistic person knows ,  god and peace are not enough to lead a happy life. Even Pontius Pilate would probably not have subjected jesus to crucification if he was shown a million dollars ( and was declared australia's next master chef ) The people were nervous that their merchants would protest against not being given a definite status and go on strike.Whatever  would they do without any money to buy the world's finest dhotis and chilli powder? To avoid this the grim prospect of an ancient society recession,  the vaishyas were bestowed with the third highest status.
At the bottom of the hierarchy were the shudras. The term 'errand boy ' is more appropriate. If there was a slipper to fix or a leaky roof to be sealed ,  there would be a shudra ,  with his handy tool belt. The shudras also dabbled in agriculture. But in their backyards ,  they were hard at work, creating the deathly hallows.
well it isn't, okay. Discrimination would entail rigidity, common practices and the occasional finger pointing. Back in the day however,  none of these characteristics came into play.  For instance,  if a boy was tired of his kshatriya family's murderous and violent ways of,  he could snap his fingers and ta-dah!  he could become a holier than thou brahmana.
So when did this change?
Roughly around the post vedic period,  the elders decided to become mean old gasbags.With their mood swing ,  came a whole host of reforms to the system.  They decided they would no longer tolerate indecisive people jumping like pogo sticks from one caste to another. Caste systems became more rigid than snooki's hair and there were more rules in the caste system than there are in jail.
Meat was snatched away from the brahmana's hungry mouths and was replaced with less satisfying vegetables.
If a shudra fell in love with a nubile vaishya girl , well that was too bad,  because now only marriages within the castes were allowed . From then on ,  if a child was born in a brahmana family,  he was destined to become a brahmana ,  irrespective of whether he wished to fight ,  bargain or plough.
Rhea 'Jane' 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Finger friends x)

Yeah Semi's been secretive about her current skl life :P Answering in one worders such as 'awesome' and 'cool'.Lets delve deeper into such shallow yet meaningful words and take a trip through my short yet fun travel (ongoing of course) of being  a cvian x)

To be truthful I received quite a shock when I entered the classroom the first day. If the divide between India and Pakistan is bitter , the partition in eleven H was more bitter resembling a sulky bitter gourd! I still remember the uncertain moment where I just stood with my bag on me , indecisive of where to sit. Everyone seemed to have hostile cold looks on their faces =)
Then like a midget from the heavens came- NomIta Prithviraj to save me - the highland suddenly shy lass. She gave me a place to sit , a place to 'belong' lol It took some time for me to settle in  - highly shy and quiet. Uncharacteristic but for a month people thought Semi was a silent nerd/geek and the sin of scoring 9.8 in tenth never left me peaceful much.
While people in CV were coming to the decision that I was an uninteresting nerd , I was quite impressively and 'quietly' reading away books . Sigh those were the productive days. And somewhere along the way the inevitable happened. No one knows exactly what or why - on a boring day I finally opened up. Whatever I spoke received instant laughter , belly aching or both. Soon people started considered me human enough and I got 'friendified' .
It would be great injustice and my own murder if I don't introduce 'some' of my friends to you. For all the ones omitted or not mentioned enough all I say is that I used the word 'some' .
Bloo child =)
Lets begin with suno darling =* Although highly unfriendly and scene party at first :P She realized how nice I was and decided to talk with me. Even she admits that she thought that I was 'uncool' because I kept reading books. Can't really blame her though. As I am gonna say for all the others to come too - I donot know when I EXACTLY became close to her. Maybe one of the many history periods or lunch usurping sessions - where the eating was done mostly by her ( she is not anorexic at ALL yo rumor creators :P )or maybe by just smiley chatting with each other we have become 'inseparable' as our history teacher calls it! She is just too cool and simple at the same time that one wouldn't believe it if they haven't seen it ;) In my kai she is the ring finger , the fourth one. Where my diamond ring lies ;)

Im too cool for you B)
Coming back to my 'founder' Nomi , she is one atom BOMB lol Highly analytic and hyper (mood permits :P ) she loves mind 'reading' people. Thank my lucky stars that I knew her before I joined CV - this led to the propagation of my name 'semi' without me actually having to coo it :) She IS a demanding child - yes. But it is super fun planning birthdays with her and planning her birthdays ;) she has taught me some very important words and 'stuff' - which has matured me as a person and is very fun to have DEBATES with ( ie if she doesn't slap you before you open your mouth) . Nomi is the most confident and honest person I have come across in my life =* In my kai , she is the middle finger , where the guts lie.

characteristic pose :P 
The next person I am gonna introduce joined the group late. We can attribute this to her obsession with her N8 (which is thankfully stolen now) and her general disinterest towards human beings. I am talking about the great RHEA JAIN - who doesn't like calling people by their nicknames :O so yeah she is the only other being who dares to call me 'Samyuktha'. I remember being unaware about her for months. But during one fateful psychology period this freak was made to sit with me :P I was amused by her vehemently boring silence and decided that she was a dumb chick. Sadly I was proven wrong and here I am writing about her and laughing at her hilariously sarcastic jokes. She SHOULD write - and I promise a guest post from her for our blog soon x) In my kai , she is the little finger , the one who doesn't know her own importance!
you are not lucky enough to see chandy xD
 Chandy is one heck of a character. Dull at the beginning , quick to get angry and quicker to protect you and quickest to louwe you xD She is one Airtel super Singer waiting to be crowned and my one and only bus partner :P If all these credits weren't enough to make her cool , her hundred million display pictures which she changes everyday is proof enough! I am not getting personal about her here because she thinks I need this blog to prove that she is my friend =) You are very wrong maple ; you always knew ;) <3 In my kai , she is the index finger , pointing me to the right directions!

Fatty = hotty xD <3 
Last but not the least we have fatty aka lavanya =* She is one teddy bear to hug , motherly creature who feeds and romantic creature which creeds lol She has been totally busy with some thing/one else but her crass ignorance of the paavam us didn't stop our feelings still. It always feels incomplete without her and we are all mightily pleased at her decision to stick with us from now on. Trust us Lav you will have a life =) In my Kai she is the thumb without which everyone is incomplete and which wraps us together from the opp direction as one <3

Interesting characters right??! I am sad that I wasted so much time settling in. yet there is still enough time to ROCK ON!! B)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kuppa Pa.

Acts of the common citizen 
Happy new year chellam =P 
To begin the new year in an auspicious note lets trash talk about garbage =) :P How much ever some try to mask it we are all irresponsible Indian citizens! Yes , we do (mostly) miss the garbage can when we try to use the my can like a basket ball , most often the empty lays packet goes over your friend's head and the pale chewing gum , which you extracted all the juice off , the one which has been residing in your mouth for so long that you mistake it for your tongue :P , most often goes into the dustbin without a paper around it :/ LOL
Make all the pronouns into 'me' and 'I' you have yourself a confession.
We are losers. 
It is a well established that we are lazy enough to let the government loot us of all the resources and money. Heck , it is us the caring citizens who break the rules and inspire our leaders to follow suit. However , sometimes the stench is so much that even 'WE' cannot sit rooted firmly to the chair. I am not being metaphorical and as a matter of fact mentioning about the overflowing garbage outside my house!

Government and neighbors!
As in efficient as this anna!
If onyx / Neelmetal Fanalca are inefficient , the corporation lorry is inininininin efficient! Living next to a dustbin and opposite to a temple has no benefits , I say. all you are left with is a lot of crap and loud music =/  Being the naughty children we are , the kuppa ( garbage) is thrown everywhere but inside the bin . Common examples - Neighbor's flat , garden , outside the bin , the road , anywhere except your house.
Epitome of disgustedness  (if there is such a word
Whats the big deal semi? some rascals may ask. Point no.1 I donot like you throwing your empty bottles inside MY house , full maybe but not empty. Also , at least during the times of Neelmetal Fanalca , the guys would 'occasionally' come and clean up the trash and do a good job if some 'extra' money is given. However now the whole of singara chennai is stinking not because of snobs but the vomit inducing smell from the variety of trash overflowing from the lone garbage bin and on the roads and inside the houses of poor people who by fate have to live near it :P
Even they have issues!
And why is there so much kuppa everywhere suddenly? =(  The contract of the private companies which cleared the garbage bins is over and we are left at the mercy of the corporation till a new contract is signed - it will take place only by February it seems!
You deserve this pic :P
A brain spurting scenario 
This is not a small problem as it seems to sound - all the waste products cover the road and if a fast moving two wheeler hits on the packet containing the inedible idli chutney , it will skid and the driver's helmet less bald head will produce red tomato chutney.
From body to mosquito sprays 
And selfishly as usual - the smell is unbearable and no amount of adidas over the crap makes it any better =( "GABBU THANGA MUDIYALA ( smell is unbearable) Also the evil blood sucking mosquitoes are getting free residence in the prime adyar area =/ and with rejuvenated energy  they dodge the Hit's , all outs and tortoises and bite my legs as I write now. No one is in the mood to weapon themselves with mosquito bats.
So please clean the DARN garbage as quickly/cleanly and frequently as possible. I wanna live to see the end of the world. And more importantly
P.S - Bazinga! World is soo going to end >.<
oooooo let the mosquito brains (if there is such a thing) get squished instead of the human brains ( if there is such a thing) :P