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The family

Second post in the same month! Don't die of heart attack already xD There are many csk matches for inducing that . In another two days 'SS&S' [semi's stories and sharing's needs a nickname too :P ]
will turn three years old. This year has been a silent one to say the least :- 18 posts in 12 months = blasphemy . I saw this blog with 26 posts in one month! While even Dravid accepts that he can never be a gayle , he still has to perform in his own style to retain his place in the team. Similarly , I need to post more regularly to call myself a blogger :| Okay inconsistency rant over. 
And strangely enough 'sss' has crossed a milestone quietly even when there were no posts to fuel her :P sss has crossed 50,000 views *Fake applause* and it seems only like yesterday I was mulling over 10,000 views. 

...Aand this is also my 91st post!! Why does 91 warrant a mention?
a) My second favorite home ( cousin's place) is called that
b) 9*9 = 81 ( my favorite square …

Ore the comedy pah! :P

First of all , it feels GREAT to write in this draftboard again ^_^
........and there was a mini break of 6 hours due to 2 ipl matches. This has been the story of my poor blog for a few months now. Board preparations , board itself (40 days *yawns*)  and now ipl , clat preparations ( soon to be started :P ) and the overwhelming urges to read a book , go party or  watch a movie.
.....and there again. I got distracted by facebook and its insane amount of memes. 

Second of all, I would really thank all the readers who were patient for these few months and for increasing my page views even when there were no new posts :P I love you guys :* I shall dedicate my upcoming 50,000 views to you all. 
And now time to pen up. Forgive me if i'm a bit scratchy for this is my first post in months. 

Board examinations are always a pain , that too especially if they extend over 40 days for 5 exams. So on April ninth, two thousand and thirteen when the cursed exams did get over , I felt that the world w…