Thursday, February 19, 2015

Flashes in a pan

"People who abruptly change the name of their blog and not follow it up with a post for a month ,
are people who don't find a place in heaven"                                                                                                                                               - some old scripture of some old religion 
This has been the worst two months of blogging output , quality and feedback for me. I couldn't write , whatever I wrote was so bad that I had to delete it or forever revert to draft and my abrupt name change made a sharp decrease in page views. Yes , lack of pageviews affects me.
I I am still not in the best zone for writing , but any more procrastination will render my blog extinct - the possibility seems more real than ever this time.

< To all those who are surprised by the name change:-
  1.     .    It was done to keep the blog ‘fresh’ ( It is nearing 5 years now)
  2.      .   Semi’s Stories and Sharings…! was just sounding very juvenile and self-obsessed , two characteristics which the blog will be trying to break from in the very near future.
  3.         ‘Steady Meanderings’, this name came to my head in a sudden flash when I was trying my hardest to concentrate during a lecture. And since this blog is an aggregate of sudden flashes in the pan, I hardly doubt this name.
    I hope

Steady meanderings promises to put out quality posts, while quantity will be determined by outside circumstances. I've been hearing feedback that last two posts weren't great. My posts are a reflection of what I've been up to at a point of time or what has been cooking in my head for a considerable period of time. An essential contradiction eh?
Talking about essential contradictions, I've started a group blog along with three other very talented people (very unlike me) and you can check it out -à here.
Talking about the quality of my posts, they were flashes in the pan gone wrong. Good seeds with bad germination, execution gone all awry. However, Steady Meanderings promises to do none of the other things.

OR else there will be another name change and we would be lost for all eternity. >

Steady Meanderings will be steady in creativity , if not output. So , we are beginning this new innings with a flash fiction entry I wrote for a recent competition. The prompt given to me was "I'm telling mom" and I had to write within 150-200 words. 

So what did I write? 
Neil Patrick Harris

"I'm telling mom"
"tell her what?"
"That I love you"
"...but you have to tell that first to me , you freak. "
* his face flushed a beautiful Bengaluru tomato red*
" Didn't I just? " he asked a sly smile brightening up his crazy , mischievous face.
" But ..but..."
" But what?"
" I am a guy" he replied his face aiming to encompass all the fifty shades of red.
" So am I? So what?"
" Being gay is illegal in our country"
" Baby it doesn't matter" He gave his worried lover a reassuring smile.
" Just because I'm fictional doesn't mean it doesn't matter" replied his now angry lover.
" I don't care, Neil Patrick Harris. I am telling mom that I love you."

What would you guys write with the same prompt? It would be nice if you all actually posted that or something else  in the comments column ( I know that the comments process can be a pain , but it makes me a writer infinitely happy when his/her reader leaves a response or feedback to their post. And I am in urgent need of infinite happiness)