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Ordinary together

From the bottom drawer of misery I sprang From the top one of tyranny You did. And  the middle drawer of mediocrity We accepted as ours. For there is nothing more comforting Than a thin veil of ordinary In this inordinately trifle yet infinitely intricate turf we call our earth.

Kabali da!

Nothing screams CHENNAI more than Rajinikanth. The fervour with which he is ‘worshipped’ is looked at by outsiders with cynical and smug eyes. No one has ever managed to capture the public’s collective consciousness like him. When he falls sick , people pray for his welfare. He is seen as an extension of one’s own family. This may seem as pretty naive to many. But I feel it just embodies the welcoming and loving spirit of Chennai.

The almost individualistic human spirit which rose to the occasion during the recent floods.Celebrities and common people alike helped many silently and not so silently. I heard many saying that the hype around Rajinikanth is being Media manufactured. While it does require strong muscle to put up so many posters and achieve visibility via tie ups with 5 star , Air Asia and Amazon they count for squat when people don’t accept it. The fortunate or unfortunate truth ( however you see it) is that people have accepted Rajini as one of their own. They love him. I l…

Yes , I can!

Guys guys! So I was trolling for guest posts and the great Arvind Passey agreed. He is a great writer I admire . Please check out his website here -->  click

Even a burglar says this. So do politicians. Scamsters. Smugglers. Thieves. Rapists. And yet these three words are linked not with them but with an indomitable will. They represent the power of positive assertiveness. ‘Yes, I can’ is not a mantra to be chanted and yet they need a person’s mind to believe in the magical message of affirmation that they carry in their alphabets.
But wait, this isn’t the text for a motivation workshop because I intend to explore the relationship of these three words with everything that society always wants to despise, shun, and rebuke. So here we take a U-turn and go back to where the corrupt, the scum, and the dregs of society wait.
Spare a moment to enter the mind of a plagiarist on the social media and listen to him exult as he looks at a picture or a text and thinks: ‘Yes, I can. I can pick thi…


So a regular reader and friend asked me to write a piece on romantic relationships. A more specific one actually but my mind meandered to this. Purely fictional for intents and purposes. An artistic piece if you can call it that

To think that the only real relationship I ever had was the one I never had.
Beat my chest in pride, every time I did the courageous karate in the name of romance  with almost every other person  except you. 
I could feel your patient gaze silently sear through my back  as I strutted around town.  For you know for who I was  am. A genuine hypocrite Afraid of All. 
Of your gentle embrace wrapping me up in the near future,  actually play that reel in my head quite often. Till I get giddy in fact.  You are my handsome secret.
Of me having to confront you  about these stupid feelings which engulf me and make me powerless ,  you will never. You rock at this waiting game Not a level playing field actually.
Of you saying 'no',  For Fate and Circumstances spa…

Beginner's Guide to Virtual Stalking

Unfortunately, a lot of people know this already. However , they confuse it with 'love' and 'romance'. In the light of  recent murders and suicides involving the social media, I feel compelled to volunteer my opinion, Reading is completely at your discretion.
" Reading is completely at your discretion. " Stalkers don't understand the meaning of this line. 'Discretion' has no place in their dictionary. Or does 'consent'. 
So steps to become a stalker. 
1) Create an anonymous profile with a celebrity's / baby's picture on it to show off your innocence/ attractiveness. Mostly , it doesn't produce the desired effect though. It looks very shady , like the person is trying to not reveal their original identity and that never leads to meaningful relationships.

2) Add as many profiles of opposite gender as possible. When you send a 100 requests at least 10 get accepted and voila! suddenly you have 10 mutual friends with the next '…