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4 walls and a door Don’t forget the floor That is the place I live And not my home
Home is where the heart is And lives unequivocally enshrines the self with a warm sense of belonging
No foreboding or fear Can reach me here. I am child once again In this humble abode.

Raucous waves ~~ Sticky sand which won’t leave my slippers The fresh smell of salt in the sea  All welcome me home How can I resist?
Filter coffee Happy dog Loving Grandma That’s what makes my home What makes yours?

If you don’t know , Go search, seek , build !! If you do know , Visit it more often. Treasure the warmth it gives you Even if you live there all the time. Especially If you live there ‘all’ the time.

(image borrowed , not the one of my dog though :P)


Hope springs eternal they say Only for those who bloom with sunshine It didn’t Give me a rope already To hang ‘out’ with.
How can Snaps and flashes of happy Really compensate for this life Which is so crappy? Tell me really
I am trying so hard To things not to get under my skin Maybe a dark soul I am For nefarious I feel A true villain I am.
Insatiated with my genesis and growth & Too proud to acknowledge my misery I still give it company I don’t want to give into this darkness Where I seem to navigate seamlessly
When I see a happy person I wanna dent their teeth and Wipe that elusive smile off it Thinking that I grit mine And flash a fake smile and move
So what is the end you may ask? To fit in by killing my self or To stand out by killing myself? Maybe it is to simply wait for a tomorrow

And hope that hope springs from within 

A dollop of darkness and a drop of sunshine.

It has been a long while my friends since I wrote anything in this space. Never has an injury to my right hand (which I have had one too many of ) affected me as much as now. I am impressed with the hunger I feel to write.

I used to be called callous, insensitive Was never happier. The minute I started to give a damn The tragedy started. The tragedy called life Where people you used to love Became completely different persons So much so that You think you wanted a disclaimer That things could go horribly wrong! But maybe this is the disclaimer For the next time. Writing all this, I look in the mirror And see a completely different person Than the years before. Role reversals Shape shifting By the tendrils of time. I want to be who I was And also who I am. A dollop of darkness and a drop of sunshine. Aloof and caring at the same time. How to achieve all this
When I can’t even tie my shoe laces on? 

And to my poets united friends. The post came before the motif. So the explanation maybe a…

To Srimathi

To sudden spurts of unconditional love which truly does conquer all.

You saw the before and after Through my thick and thin Blood Milk and Water You are my little tiny tim 
You excel in liking Every little thing I do. But nonchalantly overlooking The very same things too
Worrying is in your DNA Coolness is your USP The best mom ever to me
You will always be. 

associated  with poet's united motif for this midweek - conquest