Monday, October 2, 2017



Melancholy strings madly strumming like a guitar
Carnivorous id ravishing my morality from deep within
Inverted sleep cycles make me question reality
A madwoman NOT at work
I play a multi note orchestra  
To the current people of my life

Friends and family run fast
Away or Towards
I’m not sure.

 I have sat in silence too long
To continue the arrangement
Where I move my mouth
And you sing my song.

I will sing till
my larynx tears
Your eardrum.
The blood that will fall
Is a pittance compared to the pain
You so casually caused

So listen to me
Sing my glorious solo  
With my mistakes and all
And this time

Judge me
for who I really am. 

Sunday, August 20, 2017

She sang to me

From the internet 

A child of the city
The nature never sang to me
Neither did I ever listen to her
Eardrums drowned by noise
Cannot really fish for nuances you see

Then one rainy Sunday afternoon
The trees and the clouds and the concrete and the tarmac
Colluded successfully and concocted a seductive symphony
A consciousness stripped off all complications

Wanting to rewind and live it all over again.

Inspired by the prompt ' uncomplicated things' by Leonard Cohen's Moon. Thank you Toads for such a great prompt. You can find other takes on the topic here

Monday, July 31, 2017


I happened to read about the girl in a box , Colleen Stan recently and her story really shook me. I tried to imagine myself in such a situation and find it impossible to sound optimistic , so honest I'm being. 

Dear whoever who gets this,

I hope you really do get this.
But I am pretty sure he will tear this up.
 Another one of his psychological games.
I don’t really know my name
Not anymore
Like before

Objects don’t need names
That is insane!
But I was a person once before
Used to hate my life
For being so normal.

Perfect parents
Enough income
Boring lifestyle
I wish I could get back to that life

He penetrates me everyday
Tearing parts of me for himself
My flesh fully exposed
My limbs chained to the ground
I am his slave now.

He let me escape once
I think 5 years back?
Could be months too
Hell is always for eternity.

I was out in his front yard
Naked except for my cuffs
Unused to all the sunlight
And freedom of my limbs
My starved body wouldn’t move
Shivering in terror
I was almost thankful
when he came with his stun gun
And told me he always knew I couldn’t do it.

Why am I saying all this to you?
Please take my baby
And raise her well.
I can’t be a mother
From the bowels of hell.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Seven Superstitions

  When I conducted a poll on my blog group for a suitable topic to write on, I was surprised that ‘superstitious beliefs’ emerged as a frontrunner. Of course there was the ever enticing ‘ How to flirt with girls: For men’ giving equal competition to it.Since I believe in Non obvious topics , I choose this one.
The poster girl of superstitions

You can find my How to not flirt with girls -> Here. You can find my ancient post on superstitions  Here. This post is a rehash of sorts of that post.

Before listing out some whacky superstitions let us ponder about the idea itself. Even the most unreligious and logical looking person sometimes hold pretty weird superstitions. The rationale seems to be  ‘why tempt fate?’. People used to the random uncontrollable pulls of life and nature try to bring some semblance of sanity with their own dose of insanity. Fear of the worst case scenario and the guilt which will definitely hit us if we proceed anyways and fail, also serve as pretty strong factors for holding superstitions.
I feel that superstitions or any habit for that matter are alright as long as they don’t impair our already dysfunctional lives. Like Harry duping Ron into believing he had drunk liquid luck , superstitions help us believe that all will be well and even if we failed it was not for want of effort on our part.  

That being said lets proceed with this semi listicle on Some Superstitions which I felt need to be mentioned.

  Like the movie ‘chain kulii ki main kulii’ rightly showed, cricket is a fertile ground for superstitions to sprout from in our country. In this movie we have our protagonist who believes in his ‘magic’ bat only to know in the climax that it is he who is special. Cricket is a game of confidence and sledging and batting collapses, a little liquid courage did no one any harm. However, it is a different ball game for poor spectators who can sadly not control the cricketing proceedings. This leads to crazy situations when some people don’t watch the match they love for the sake of their team’s victory or banish others from watching it and sometimes make people stand in the exact positions when lady luck struck.
Now imagine the rural scenario of agriculture dictated by the vagaries of nature. How can we be surprised that these people are the most superstitious? If I was a farmer in India I would probably wet the fields with my tears. It is no surprise that they tend to have the most ‘primitive’ superstitions like animal sacrifices and are the most vehement followers of faith and religion. You cannot survive without beliefs in these areas of activity.
   That might explain why the most corrupt , cut a share to god in the name of faith. It is their own superstitious belief that they are making a deal with forces above. The tirupati coffers tell their own tales.
   4)      Talking of whacky superstitions , I read this book called ‘ When girls dare’ long back. One memory that stays clearly in my head when a girl really needs her violet color undie to win but it has gone for laundry! So what does she do? Of course wear a red and blue one and win the race :D
   5)     A surgeon's scrub cap
Only one purpose for this pic

    6)      Irksome ones which make no sense at all in this century :-
·         Wash hair at home after cutting hair even if they gave u a hair wash at the parlour ( borders on casteism if u ask me)       
·         Reach the house from the back door after coming back from a funeral. And bathe.

7 7)  
  Reserving the worst one for the last. Untouchability practiced in the name of menstruation in certain houses. Apparently a 3 day vacation for women from housework , it is actually very demeaning . You cannot touch anyone , the clothes and utensils you touch are impure and this practice silently continues to day in many households. While I do know some women who use it well to get out of social situations it is an absolutely disgusting superstition to still follow in the 21st century. 

    What is the whackiest/ most ridiculous superstition you hold or have heard of?


Wednesday, June 14, 2017


The comfort of the creamy curd rice
Rolling on the floor , watching TV
Using Laika as my squishy pillow
Sleeping through life
And moving in my own jolly pace

Reminiscing about a happier childhood
With the same bunch of friends ,
Dipping Fries on cheese
Unbothered about kilos and hours

Driving on my scooty ,
Wind washing away my starting jitters ,
Sitting with my special friend on the cool mud
Of  my Bessie beach ,
And trying to tell him that
The Big Things in Life are actually Very Small

The montage that passes through your eyes
Before any nerve wracking moment is
A Random rhapsody of your lived moments ,
So live your life friend
Like the waves before us
Rise and crash and touch some lives ~
Mistakes make great stories
Worry only about being true to your self.

He smiled a quiet smile
Placed his hands behind my head
Leaned forward
And shut my mouth in his style

What was I saying again?

Monday, May 29, 2017

13 questions why

Every blogger out there has that one eternal wish – to know that they are not rambling to themselves in this vast internet blog space. Pageviews and likes can only take you so far. It is all about comments and reader’s engagement. If a post elicits someone else to express a counter view it has done its primary job.
So today I am going to initiate and partake in a ‘fun’ activity with all you readers. I am putting up 13 questions and my answers for the same. You guys can choose the ones which appeal to you and answer the same. The answers need not be long – let’s have some fun with this!

       1)      Coffee or tea? 

       The classic way to segregate people. Espresso or earl grey? Filter Kaapi or Chaai? Caffeine fuelled mornings or Tea enabled evenings?  Well my answer is * Drum roll *  Coffee! No surprises there for people who already know me. You can take the girl from kaapi but not kaapi out of the girl ( did I say that saying right? I always mess it up!) But I have recently started obsessing over the milder teas too.

     2)      Cats or Dogs? 

       Another question which divides people across borders. Doggo or grumpy cat? Scooby Doo or Smelly Cat? Puppy or kittie? I am a dog person. I don’t really have a choice in this matter. If I think otherwise, my Laika will disown me :P


       3)      Game of thrones or Breaking Bad? 

       For reasons I cannot fathom , the world seems to pit a historical fantasy against a crime drama. For reasons , I have already stated  -> here I do not get Breaking Bad. The broader tapestry and more twisty turvy Westeros captures my imagination. And my House in GoT : Lannisters. Hear us Roar! I love Cersei Lannister and Jaime Lannister. Not together. As individual characters :P

          4)      TV shows or Movies? That is one Vague ass question. Who comes up with these? ( Ok I do. ) I personally prefer character development over the plot itself and that is why I love TV shows over Movies. 2 hours is too less a time to leave a mark on my soul. That’s my opinion

      5)      Marvel or DC?
That is a toughie since I joined the Superhero Bandwagon only recently. While I did enjoy the Avengers movie a lot , I have stated how I love TV over Movies. Hence my love for Flash , Arrow and Supergirl ( Berlanti universe) supersedes my love for Thor and Captain America.

      6)      Classics or Thrillers? There seem to be two types of readers – those who like their Dickens and those who like their Archers. While I like to read everything , I prefer courtroom dramas and investigative thrillers and modern drama over the more slow paced yet lovely classics. It feels like blasphemy to say this out loud
      7)      Kamal or Rajini?
One of the hardest questions of my childhood. While I fell immediately in love with Rajini’s charisma and style , Kamal’s genius and sheer versatility and what he has brought in to Tamil Cinema has made him edge over the former. I still will go FDFS for both their movies.
     8)      Ilayaraja or A R Rahman?
 This question was harder for the previous generation and will be irrelevant for the next one. Ilayaraja takes home the melodies but A.R.R takes everything to the next level. He was the man who gave me music in my growing up years – I stick with my Arima.
    9)      Dhoni or Kohli?
Both the players have made Indians believe we can win. I go with my captain 07 MSD. P.S – CSK IS BACK NEXT YEAR YAY
    10)   Morning or night person? I am a night owl. It gives you tranquility and space to think. No tick tock.
    11)   Poetry or Prose? Right now in this point in my life , I want to flow like poetry rather than end up like prose.
    12)   Saturday or Sunday? Saturdays are overrated. Sundays I vote! Laziness > partying
    13)   Was this Fun or not? I weirdly found this fun. ( Maybe because I created this game :P I guess I’ll know the answer with the corresponding response to the post)
So that’s all my friends! Share your answers in the comments below. Let’s get to know each other!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


So taking inspiration from the french revolution and recently put on hold farmer protests in Delhi  , I present to you my first for the A to Z challenge "Antoinette". Also submitting it for Poet's United theme News Media which has much maligned this movement.

Asinine splendour
Avarice which just got grander.

The sound of a million gold coins
Tunes you deaf
To lesser men and metals

Acrimony and anthrax
Poisoned the air outside
Air conditioned rooms
Chilled you from inside.

Astonishing we find
The greed of the rich folks
Even our daily fight for food
Doesn’t come close..

Running a rigged race
You still keep scores
Stamping on our shoulders
You reach up

Now you eat our cake
And sprinkle some bread crumbs
From that balcony of yours,
When that gets over
You wear back your gloves
And ask us to eat cake
With no reason or rhyme.

Hence now we revolt
By sitting in front of (Y)our King’s office
Eating rats
Drinking urine and
Running naked to highlight our plight

Your media brands us as frauds
And he won’t even come out
To meet us.
We are just thirsty for some justice
Please don’t pour acid on it.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Plato's Fault

Tick Tock
Tock Tick
Tick Tock!

Exam in 11 hours , 3 new questions to do and 34 more to revise. They hadn’t slept in 3 days due to the previous 3 back to back exams…..

Crushed Red bull cans and empty mugs which once contained black coffee lay on the hostel corridor along with 4 girls who were splayed across sheetless mattresses dumped onto the corridor from their respective rooms. The corridor overlooked the normally empty grounds of the hostel which was now patrolled by sleepless students scrambling about in despair.

JJ’s eyelids were closing in on her against her will. Not now baby… only 1 more exam then Freedom 4evaaa! Almost echoing the same sentiments, came a voice from the other side of the mattress with a hollow , dreamlike quality “You know what is the true freedom? Sleeping forever…for eternity”
The voice belonged to Kalra , she who loved saying crazy things for the sake of drama and she who sometimes was drama itself in a human shape. The third one , ‘Rambo’ had given up on life after being utterly exhausted and had taken the student’s route to conquer it – apply some Zandu Balm on bread and Bam! You got your energy. In rambo’s case since she was a bit big , she overestimated how much she needed and had way too much and now she was high as high can be and was just rolling around and annoying others.

Wait. What was that noise? Oh that’s anan
“After a certain point you just have to admit that NOBODY gives a flying ___ about what Plato , Aristotle or Aquinas gotta say. What about what we have got to say? I had no say when papa wanted me to follow his footsteps and become a lawyer. I must be the only person in India who wanted to become an engineer and wasn’t allowed to become one!”
She moped in her shrill sad voice as she always did. Her friends had only eye rolls to offer her. Rolling Rolling Rolling   
That’s what happens when you realise that you hate your career choice every exam time and resolve to tell dad you are quitting, only to come back placated, thanks to the latest iPhone he bribed you with. You lose the moral ground pretty fast. Sorry Anan
“ If you keep telling me this story I’ll end up writing it instead of this Hobbes theory lololol” JJ started crying out in laughter. She is losing it! And yes she is one of those cases who ‘say’ LOL. God bless them.

So JJ continued with her Hobbes theory despite lack of sleep and overdose of laughter. That dude apparently believed that law is a social contract that the first generation of beings voluntarily gave up their  rights for and the forthcoming generations have no option to get out of it. Isn’t consent material to any contract? This is just plain fraud and coercion on the state’s part! I don’t want skl , college , job , government , taxes , pathan notes and red bull cans! But I am forced to take part in all this because someone already decided what ‘civilisation’ is. Why can’t there be a strip of land where people who don’t wanna be part of the contract can like chill and make rocks out of fire without the government asking us to pay taxes. wHYY?

But before she could Rambo woke up with a start. She looked into Kalra’s eyes and smiled serenely. Kalra got scared and asked her “ what is wrong with you Behen..”
“ Behen! I have figured out life” she spoke manically not unlike a religious fanatic “ We have been going about it all wrong. The point of life is not being awake , the point of life , the point is to sleep! We are supposed to find food for energy purposes , eat them and go to sleep where we can live in our dreams , where anything and everything is possible. There is no limits of logic and physics in our head. We could enjoy being a millionaire and have an eight course meal and feel everything. Isn’t life all about feeling and perceiving. It is not what it is but what it can be. With more sleep and practice I believe we can control our dreams and that is how we fulfil our destiny. What the hell are we doing reading Plato and Aristotle when we can be our own thinkers? When did the world decide we have finished establishing rules. Omg I’m gonna copyright all this. Yipee! Bye losers , I’m becoming famous”
Rambo got up and ran to other parts of the hostel to scare more poor souls. The other 3 silent looked at each other not sure what they should. Wake up the warden and tell her that Rambo has lost it? But who wasn’t losing it? Some only more than others.

“ We ALL have theories and ideas. But we don’t publish it and force other people to study it in one day and make them go mad” wailed anan.
“I don’t think Plato set our exam papers anan..” quipped JJ.
“ Arey JJ , no one wants your stupid logic. Okay I am getting bored. Teach me something about your South India.” butted in Kalra
“ Kalra , if you can at least tell me the names of the 4 Southern states , I’ll try”
“I know that your name is Jayalalitha and that’s funny cuz your dead CM had the same name. Okay don’t get pissed. Mallu Land, Madras , telugu nadu and the other one I forgot”
“ Wow , I hope that you can retain at least the name of the people you have to write about tomorrow”
Mildly offended Kalra lashed out “ Tell me, does your Chinnai have Punjabi food like naan and butter chicken?”
JJ lost it , “ Enough of this b.s , I don’t live in a village. Obviously we have everything!”
“Saali , what I wrong with villages. Don’t show off your big city arrogance”
“ You started it , you racist prick!”
Sensing a cat fight which no one had the energy to fight Anan chipped in , “Guys! Don’t let Plato destroy our friendship. This is ALL plato’s fault!”
They hadn’t come to an agreement on that quite yet when a loud noise came from above shocking them. No guys it wasn’t Plato coming back to defend his now tarnished image but it was the drug addled Rambo! She had managed to find a dangerously high place to stand on.
“ Everything is fake! Dreams are what is. To prove this truth which no one seems to believe I am going to jump from here because I know that I am trapped in an eternal nightmare called reality.Cheer me on ladkiyon!”
Her friends gaped in horror as she took the plunge and came crashing down. Her eyelids were shut firmly and finally..

Tick Tock
Tock Tick
Tick Tock

The clock was ticking in the exam hall and Rambo woke up from her dreams. Didn’t know how much of that was a dream! Did she have zandu balm , was she on the roof , lol did she have friends by the name JJ , Kalra and Anan even? She didn’t know anything , couldn’t focus. However , she did recall the answer to Plato’s Republic. Truly this is all his fault.

Monday, March 20, 2017


Mirror Mirror!
Cry me a river
The translucent teardrops
Are actually from my forehead
Nothing but stinky fruits of my labour.

The beads of perspiration form
An amoebic puddle
Modern art
Won’t sell for a penny today
Investment for tomorrow you see.

On it,
I see myself of yesterday
A cartoon faced kid
Who wanted to be a detective ,
Kaleidoscopic dance
Ripples of time,
Myself of Today
An adultish looking person
Staring at pools and puddles
Wanting to dream again.

Written for Poet's united Midweek Motif 'Mirror'

Friday, March 10, 2017


I Rebel
Don’t compromise
Non conform
Break Glass Ceilings
Only for it to shatter all over me
Cuts deeper than wound
I persist
Keep flying towards the star
My scars sing to the world
That I am a rockstar
And now I wave down at them
Because I dared to climb up.