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13 questions why

Every blogger out there has that one eternal wish – to know that they are not rambling to themselves in this vast internet blog space. Pageviews and likes can only take you so far. It is all about comments and reader’s engagement. If a post elicits someone else to express a counter view it has done its primary job. So today I am going to initiate and partake in a ‘fun’ activity with all you readers. I am putting up 13 questions and my answers for the same. You guys can choose the ones which appeal to you and answer the same. The answers need not be long – let’s have some fun with this!

       1)Coffee or tea?
       The classic way to segregate people. Espresso or earl grey? Filter Kaapi or Chaai? Caffeine fuelled mornings or Tea enabled evenings?  Well my answer is * Drum roll *  Coffee! No surprises there for people who already know me. You can take the girl from kaapi but not kaapi out of the girl ( did I say that saying right? I always mess it up!) But I have recently started obse…


So taking inspiration from the french revolution and recently put on hold farmer protests in Delhi  , I present to you my first for the A to Z challenge "Antoinette". Also submitting it for Poet's United theme News Media which has much maligned this movement.

Atrophy Asinine splendour Avarice which just got grander.
The sound of a million gold coins Tunes you deaf To lesser men and metals
Acrimony and anthrax Poisoned the air outside Air conditioned rooms Chilled you from inside.
Astonishing we find The greed of the rich folks Even our daily fight for food Doesn’t come close..
Running a rigged race You still keep scores Stamping on our shoulders You reach up
Now you eat our cake And sprinkle some bread crumbs From that balcony of yours, When that gets over You wear back your gloves And ask us to eat cake With no reason or rhyme.

Hence now we revolt By sitting in front of (Y)our King’s office Eating rats Drinking urine and Running naked to highlight our plight
Your media brands us as fr…