Tuesday, May 2, 2017


So taking inspiration from the french revolution and recently put on hold farmer protests in Delhi  , I present to you my first for the A to Z challenge "Antoinette". Also submitting it for Poet's United theme News Media which has much maligned this movement.

Asinine splendour
Avarice which just got grander.

The sound of a million gold coins
Tunes you deaf
To lesser men and metals

Acrimony and anthrax
Poisoned the air outside
Air conditioned rooms
Chilled you from inside.

Astonishing we find
The greed of the rich folks
Even our daily fight for food
Doesn’t come close..

Running a rigged race
You still keep scores
Stamping on our shoulders
You reach up

Now you eat our cake
And sprinkle some bread crumbs
From that balcony of yours,
When that gets over
You wear back your gloves
And ask us to eat cake
With no reason or rhyme.

Hence now we revolt
By sitting in front of (Y)our King’s office
Eating rats
Drinking urine and
Running naked to highlight our plight

Your media brands us as frauds
And he won’t even come out
To meet us.
We are just thirsty for some justice
Please don’t pour acid on it.


  1. Yes... sharing the crumbles is all what they do... and they call it taxation.

    1. More like stealing our crumbs to build their 🍰

  2. Although, the manner of protest differ, between Canadian and Indian farmers, the fact remains, they're being squeezed on all sides, by cheap subsidized imports and retailers seeking the lowest cost produce, while charging a mark up to the buying public. I do hope your farmers get fair market value for their produces.

    1. This specific protest was because of lack of water and drought situation and farmers committing suicide because of crop failure. Govt announced relief but never gave now all they want is an assurance from the pm

  3. How sad that the human condition has changed so little over the centuries.

  4. Yikes! Powerful piece. Poured Acid--adding insult to injury--whether in language or reality. The press can make or break a movement. It did during the French Revolution, and now? Social media joins the fray, sometimes for the better. People still need to show up because if we don't, even the crumbs may cease to fall! Hoping for the best.

    1. While social media creates awareness it also has created all these trolls and fake news who disrupt the movement.

  5. "Thirsty for justice". Pray the thirst be slaked.

  6. "Thirsty for justice." So many millions in the world are in need of this justice. I admire those who speak out, protest, even though some leaders do not care to listen. I think of Gandhi, who mobilized millions. The men you write of seem to be following in his footsteps.

    1. Gandhi is my biggest role model. I hate it that people focus on the flaws in his personal life to judge his political movements. He was the one who gave out the flaws in his biography.

  7. Sadly much od rhe world seems to have forgotten the Russian and other revolutions that attempted to make things fairer only to be oppressive in their turn. But memories are short and the wheel will keep turning and the blind will stay blind to their own faults and futures.

    1. Capitalism has made sure no one has forgotten what big failure communism was. Welfare state and democracy seem to be the path

  8. A haunting poem - the end line was so vivid


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