Monday, July 31, 2017


I happened to read about the girl in a box , Colleen Stan recently and her story really shook me. I tried to imagine myself in such a situation and find it impossible to sound optimistic , so honest I'm being. 

Dear whoever who gets this,

I hope you really do get this.
But I am pretty sure he will tear this up.
 Another one of his psychological games.
I don’t really know my name
Not anymore
Like before

Objects don’t need names
That is insane!
But I was a person once before
Used to hate my life
For being so normal.

Perfect parents
Enough income
Boring lifestyle
I wish I could get back to that life

He penetrates me everyday
Tearing parts of me for himself
My flesh fully exposed
My limbs chained to the ground
I am his slave now.

He let me escape once
I think 5 years back?
Could be months too
Hell is always for eternity.

I was out in his front yard
Naked except for my cuffs
Unused to all the sunlight
And freedom of my limbs
My starved body wouldn’t move
Shivering in terror
I was almost thankful
when he came with his stun gun
And told me he always knew I couldn’t do it.

Why am I saying all this to you?
Please take my baby
And raise her well.
I can’t be a mother
From the bowels of hell.


  1. A powerful and stark poem which does the prompt justice

  2. Wow! So alive! Such Hell. Humans are the only animals that treat each other this way. May your poem bring many new visibility, new hope, new life.

  3. This is so hard hitting in its entirety and must have been difficult to write. Certainly well penned.

  4. Oh, you have painted a very realistic image of what one twisted person can do to another. The most poignant lines: please take my baby. I cant be a mother from the bowels of hell. This poem has enormous impact.

  5. Please take my baby...incredible. Powerful and thought provoking write.

  6. Well that is a graphic picture you painted. Sadly your fiction is so true and largely ignored. You are a human but sorry to say that doesn't mean you get humane treatment, as they are a foul race of animals and have been for millenia.

  7. wow I have seen the movie recently. You absolutely nailed this horrific ordeal of this hell

  8. It is a cruel world... that is what I kept thinking about while reading your poem. A powerful poem. I just wish it had been fiction...

  9. Stark and haunting, Samyuktha. Well done.

  10. So terrible theme...
    I`m following your blog with a great pleasure with GFC
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